Week 1 New runner and it is 30 degrees here – help!

I am a lapsed runner – in 2015 managed a 10k run, but since then motivation been a problem and not done anything for over a year. Decided that Michael Johnson would be just the ticket to get me started again. But (and I know this is a first world problem!) I am an expat and currently it is 30+ degrees where I live – it’s roughly 26 degrees at about 7am in the morning, So am trying to work out how to keep going when it’s so hot….
I have done Week 1 Run 1 so far and tomorrow is scheduled for Run 2

Originally posted on Health Unlocked 28th June 2017

Daydream Believer
I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
(on repeat as I couldn’t work out my playlist – ouch!)

Duration 33.04mins
Average Pace 9.11 mins/km

Looking at this now (August 2017) little did I know Lucifer would stay in Italy for summer and that 26 degrees at 7am was becoming quite normal.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 New runner and it is 30 degrees here – help!

  • Oh wow, you had not much slower pace on your first run in comparison to my today’s run (W6R2 – 08:41 min/km), which is 6.58 km/h for you then vs 6.91 km/h for me now. O_O You are a damn runner ragazza 😉


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