2 July – Week 2 Run 1 – Apple doing my head in, Superman to the rescue

It’s a day early to be doing this (should have been a rest day today), but tomorrow unless I get up at 6am I won’t have time to run, and as I didn’t want to get out of the habit, it had to be today. Minus points for not resting but I give myself plus points for some newly found discipline

Blimey, I had forgotten how hard it is upping your running time by 50% even though it’s only 90 seconds which is about the time I take to eat a cream cake and that never seems that long to me.

Apple and the playlist saga continues, this time I ran in silence (not because I wanted to) but a mystery beep interrupted me and I stopped the run on the app, so had to start again. This time I decided I’d had enough and I enjoyed one on one time with Superman himself Michael J. It was okay as he is very chill and the recording reminds you it is harder this time and that it’s okay to be slow.

In all honesty though, I prefer running/walking/collapsing to music as it gives me something to focus on, whereas on my own all I hear is the desperate puffing and panting of someone who has let herself fall into disrepair.

So back to the drawing board on my playlist as now I can’t even get my three recent downloads to play.


August 2017 – looking back at my Map My Run workout summary, supposedly I heard these, but I didn’t…

Sleep Like a Baby Tonight – U2 – twice in succession  and I didn’t even know I had this on my phone!!!

Followed by Uptown Funk – Ronson and Mars – again twice in succession

The Reflex – Duran Duran – again twice in succession which makes me giggle because their name is duplicated too

Unbelievable  – EMF – again twice in succession


Distance 4.63km

Time 48.22

Average Pace 10.27mins/km

Looking back at this one, I ignored the advice to take a rest day and I think I was lucky and didn’t do any damage. The playlist frustrations seem never-ending, and I still screw it up from time to time. Still hadn’t renamed Michael J, so he appears here as Superman.

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