29 June – Week 1 Run 2 – Thank Heavens for Thunderstorms

So it screamed, howled, banged, flashed and poured with rain last night, but that dropped the temperature by about 5 degrees this morning. I went for a run/walk and what do you know I managed to do a little further distance than last time. Michael J is my preferred coach – he’s so calm. He’s calm so I can carry on!

Cant Stop the Feeling Justin Timberlake – 6 times
Uptown Funk, Ronson and Mars -twice
Marvin Gaye – Phuth and Trainor – twice
Still rubbish on my playlist management – stupid woman!

Distance 4km
Time 37.02
Average Pace 9.15 min/km


Originally posted on Health Unlocked 29 June 2017

Looking back at this run, it was the beginning of my runner’s crush with Mr Smooth – I hadn’t created his name at this point, but it was there at the back of my mind. On Map My Run I had still decided to classify the early efforts as walks rather than runs.

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