4 July – Week 2 Run 2 – Sprinting Unexpectedly

So of course Mr Smooth Michael Johnson accompanied me on my run today. The longstanding Apple problem continues so I ended up totally out of synch on the running and walking combo. Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk meant I was totally out of puff; I think I need a new playlist called maybe Cool Runnings, so I stop running like a madwoman.

Anyway, after some running and walking readjustment I finally synced back in with Michael and it was hard as it’s 27 degrees here at 8am, but I did it. Hats off to my virtual buddy on progress, she got me out of bed again today, with her upbeat report yesterday .

Walking briskly back to my house , I had a full blown panic attack as I saw to my horror that the front door was wide open. Mr Smooth was totally ignored as I sprinted to my house thinking we’d been burgled and I bombed in through the front door (not exactly sure what I was going to do with the potential burglars – maybe throw my water bottle at them?)

Then I saw my husband who had opened the front door so I didn’t have to faff around with keys – oh the relief. So then I had to walk around the garden for 5 minutes to cool down. So sorry Mr Johnson for not following orders – I hope you will forgive me!

Raised by Wolves and This is where you can reach me  – U2 – again no blooming idea where these came from
Uptown Funk – Ronson and Mars – seemed to coincide with my uphill funk.
Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake – oh please can we stop the exhausted feeling
Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran
Dreaming of Me – Depeche Mode
Dance Away – Roxy Music
Master and Servant – Depeche Mode
Hot in the City – Billy Idol
Girls on Film – Duran Duran
Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
Distance 4.95km
Time 43.05 mins
Average Pace 8.42 mins/km
Originally published on Health Unlocked 4 July
Mr Smooth finally has his name, my playlist capability a bit better, but I still have no recollection of those U2 tracks. I am still categorising this as a walk on Map My Run.

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