6 July – Week 2 Run 3 – I’m blaming oxygen deprivation …

Mr Smooth Michael J is a very persistent man, he keeps sending me messages telling me to get up and have my trainers ready. This is 6 dates in 12 days now, I think he’s getting serious.

In honour of his seriousness versus my flakiness, I decided this morning to run with just him – no music, no phantom burglaries, just me and the road to hell. As I live at the top of the hill my warmup walk is always down hill and my run is always back up. Needless to say in my enthusiasm to impress Mr Smooth, my first 90 seconds session was a little fast, leaving me a hyperventilating heap. At this point my mind started to wander, and with no music or oxygen to keep my brain from entering uncharted waters, here are the repeatable junk thoughts on this morning’s run.

Who would like to see a new version of Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and also Bugs Bunny – we could call it Top Bun – that’s really bad isn’t it?

I’d have paid an arm and a leg to see have seen Amy Winehouse performing with Prince, singing Purple Rain. I’m not that sentimental but I do shed a tear whenever I think of her sad end.

I’d also like to read a mash up book of Harry Potter with Lisbeth Salander – Harry and the Tattooed Stone or something similar.

Then finally on my cool down walk, I thought of something sensible – my virtual running buddy is on here and last time out it didn’t quite work out for her so this is a big shout of encouragement for her today. Go you as next week, we both start on the final week of the first third of the programme.

Nada! Just me and the heavy breathing
Distance 4.68km
Time 40.25 mins
Average Pace 8.38mins/km
Originally published on Health Unlocked on 6 July 2017
Looking back now, Mr Smooth well and truly established. I am better writing when there’s something to write about rather than exploring the uncharted excesses of my crazy head….

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