13 July – Week 3 Run 3 -Vodka, Whiplash and Meeting my Twin

Another scorchio morning arose and my data invitation arrived in my message box, so I joined Mr Smooth for our usual circuit.

First stop to the fridge to get the cold water in the water bottle. I was a little dopey this morning, so absent-mindedly picked up the bottle with tomato vodka in it. I did do a second take when I saw the water was slightly pink in the bottle. Really good job I’m not colour blind. Not sure any nutritionist would recommend vodka in your hydration pack.

Out into the glorious countryside – one of the joys of living here is you see so many different animals from cute green lizards, to chocolate brown squirrels and more. One of the flying insects here is a small bright green shield shaped flying object, that we call an APC – armoured personnel carrier. There was me happily minding my own business and then bam an APC flew right into my cheek, at first I thought it was a wasp, but then realised no stings. Anyway he got the whiplash and fell to the ground. But with all his armour, he managed to right himself and went on his way. No harm done.

I saw Mr & Mrs Physio on their circuit and we did our traditional greetings, no Mr 118 or Heinz 57 walker though. Me and Mr Smooth were in the groove and I was delighted that on my last run, although I was tired I still had some life left in me, so I thought I’d do an extra minute running and then what did I see in the distance?

My running twin – well we were both wearing dayglo orange tops, black shorts, white socks and blue trainers. His legs marginally hairier than mine. I decided against trying to catch him up, because clearly he is doing the Couch to 250 miles an hour challenge and frankly it was beyond me.

Looking forward with some trepidation to Week 4 starting. And my face colour this morning after the final week 3 run was definitely Dulux’s Salsa Red.



Rumour has it  (4 times in succession according to Map My Run) – Adele

Back to Black and Rehab – Amy Winehouse

Walk Like an Egyptian – Bangles

Help Me Rhonda – Beach Boys

Dreaming Of Me – Depeche Mode

Marvin Gaye – Puth and Trainor

Warwick Avenue – Duffy

Upside Down – Paloma Faith

Vienna – Ultravox

Master and Servant – Depeche Mode

Can You Feel It (twice in succession) – Michael Jackson



Distance 4.93 km

Time 45.55 mins

Average Pace  9.18 min/km

Originally posted on Health Unlocked 13 July 2017

Now looking at this my first named local characters appeared. Technical ineptitude as ever, with my playlist repeating some stuff and starting off in almost alphabetical order. Doh.

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