19 July 2017 – Week 4 Run 3 – The Hill that Kills got me – but Physio helped

After last time out with an unscheduled stop, I was feeling trepidatious (is that even a word?) about this run, as I wasn’t sure I’d actually done the second one. But after a lot of comments from the forum I decided to go for it. I awoke with horrendous stomach cramps and decided to have a drink and some ibuprofen (given my previous history with tomato vodka, I can assure you this time it was Earl Grey tea). I delayed going out for about 30 minutes, to give the Ibuprofen some time to work.

On the Slope of Hope for my warm up walk, things felt fine – even the dogs didn’t bark to day, more of a grumble really. So I started my first 3 minute run up the Hill that Kills and straightaway I could tell I was off form, as my distance in the 3 minutes was really poor.

So now I am feeling molto grumpy but carried on into Lovers’ Lane, even Mr Smooth couldn’t persuade me it was a good day. Did my usual tour of duty and then back to the Hill that Kills for the final 5 minutes. At this stage my face was probably at a new stage of red that I am going to describe as Dulux Incandescent Rage, because I was so p….d off, my legs felt heavy and I think I had a shin splint too.

Warm down walk took me back into Lovers’ Lane and when my time was up, I started to head to home thinking it was a crap day and I better just write this one off.

Then Mr and Mrs Physio came to my rescue, they smiled and said buongiorno as usual, and as my run had finished I actually stopped and chatted to them. Needless to say Mr & Mrs Physio aren’t called that at all – he is called Albino and she is Anouska which she told me proudly had Slav origins. In my pretty useless Italian, I asked if they were doing physio work and they said no she just needs help walking. Each morning, they walk from their house and do two tours of the Villa and two of Lovers’ Lane as they described it as ‘un bel inizio’ – a beautiful start to the day.

Then they asked about my training programme and how it worked, so I explained that and Albino said physical exercise was important for a good heart and head and we said our goodbyes.

So sitting in my kitchen I now realise the stomach cramps have gone, and Albino and Anouska are right it is a beautiful start to the day, so thank you A&A, for re-setting my colour chart from Incandescent to Salsa Red as usual.

My next challenge to find out Mr 118s name…


Unbelievable (twice in succession) – EMF

China Girl – David Bowie

Save a Prayer – Duran Duran

Walk Like an Egyptian – Bangles

Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis

Dreaming of Me – Depeche Mode

Is She Really Going Out With Him – Joe Jackson

Blue Monday – New Order

Wishing Well – Terence Trent D’Arby

Dancing in the Dark – The Boss

Mercy – Duffy

Change  – Lightning Seeds

Glory Days – The Boss



Distance 5.50 km

Time 50.13

Average Pace 9.07 min/km

Originally published on Health Unlocked 19 July 2017


A&A are now a regular part of my running. I love seeing them they are a reminder on how to take joy in the little things of life. A bel inizio indeed

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