1 September – Booms, Bums and Boars

Today is the first of September and with the wind change come a few more changes too.

First of all, the hunting season begins,  we live in the country and hunters have hunted here for many years. They used to have the right to roam across your land freely, but now they are obliged to follow the Divieto Di Caccia signs, which mean “No Hunting”. The day is misty, cool, wet with a very thunderous looking grey sky. I decide fuschia pink is the perfect running colour, for two reasons it is cheery, and hopefully wearing it I won’t get mistaken for a wild boar….

The second major change is now we are allowed to have garden fires again. After a bit of a cock-up on the garden administration front, our garden bonfire pile is at a height way over 2 metres. It would do very nicely for November 5th, although a bit insensitive for me to think that, living  as I do in Italy.

A random thought passes through my mind if I get my route wrong and a hunter makes a mistake, today is the day I could be both shot and burned and no one would be any the wiser…

Back to the basics of running again, down the Slope of Hope on my warm up walk. Up the Hill that Kills, just before Lovers Lane I see Lord Kitchener, today very nattily dressed in a blue and taupe banded polo shirt, with taupe bermudas.  He actually says buongiorno to me and he has a surprisingly deep voice, I never noticed that before. I wonder if the real Lord Kitchener did too, that would be spooky. Up Lovers’ Lane and back again, at the end I decide to run off- piste and not take the usual route out. I run partially back up the Slope of Hope, which Mr JCR informs me is a 30 metre gain over about 360m. Now I didn’t do anywhere near that, but I did have a go, so am proud. The drizzle has upped, and I know without looking that my hair is twangy, and to quote Disco Tex ‘my chiffon is wet darling, my chiffon is wet’.

Back right down to the bendy scary road, cripes  almost taken out by one of the many steel grey Fiat Puntos around. So I hug ever closer to the road edge, although the roughness and camber isn’t favourable. Running slowly, and behind me comes the Frescofrutta juggernaut. This is the second time I’ve encountered him, and like last time, I give him the ‘Allo ‘Allo salute, as a thank you. I don’t know if he does actually slow down, but it seems so to me. Anyway it’s good karma.

Past the 5 dog house, mercifully quiet and then Paloma Faith comes on with Upside Down. I love this song but it gives me a real tempo challenge, so I run in cadence perfection to Paloma, but it’s faster than usual and my running motion goes a bit haywire. Still it’s fun.  Aargh that was a flash of lightning and the thunder is getting louder. Maybe running in the hills under trees isn’t such a great idea JCR! I then remember an episode of QI when they  said the best way to survive a lightning strike is to crouch on the ground with your bum in the air!  Quite what the villagers would say about me if I adopted that pose, heaven alone knows. I could pretend to be truffle snuffling maybe? After all it’s Autumn.

Mechanical Voice Lady tells me it’s been 5km running now, so I slow a bit and come to a stop for my cool down walk. Today I did my best km run of 6.31 with my other 4 all around 7.25 to 7.30 timing. So that’s 5k in under 37 mins, well I’m chuffed with that. And it was Paloma what did it, I just don’t think I could run at the moment at her tempo for a full 5k.

Walking back up the Slope of Hope, past a man wearing a long sleeved rugby shirt, longish bermudas, and carrying a capacious umbrella, he looks a little perplexed at a pink faced, pink-vested sopping wet podista, who seems oblivious to the weather. And I am, because the rain was beautiful, it gave me a personal best time and most of all, it kept the hunters at home, so I get to live and run another day. Face colour, a cooler raspberry diva!

Joan of Arc – OMD
Rock The Casbah – Clash
Save a Prayer and Planet Earth in succession – Duran Duran
People are People – Dépêche Mode
Back to Black – Amy Winehouse
Unbelievable – EMF
Girls and Boys – Blur
Upside Down – Paloma Faith
The Reflex – Duran Duran
Strong – London Grammar
Everything Must Go – The Manics
Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis
Can You Feel It? – Michael Jackson
London Calling – The Clash

Distance 7.01
Time 54.55
Average Pace 7.50 min/km

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