20 August – Week 9 Run 2 -Tonight Matthew I am going to be…


Tonight Matthew I am going to be - Week 9 Run 2

Boadicea… Or is it Boudicca, sometime between me going to school and then being a grown up her name changed. Last night at an Ancient Rome themed party with Mr JCR’s cycling club, I was Boadicea/Boudicca and Mr JCR became Mr B.

His club, his rules, everyone else is dressed in Roman toga godliness, us dressed in scratty blue and orange, because we are the Inglesi, and so natch we go as Ancient Britons. Ever tried hiring an Ancient Briton costume from a fancy dress shop in Italy? Nope nor me either…, funnily enough plenty of gladiator costumes.

Cue the recommissioning of ye olde Ancient Briton sewing machine,(after having subtly ascertained that we weren’t the subject of an elaborate joke) and making a Boudicca and Mr B costume. This is like the worst ever, most frantic children’s Nativity play costume request you can imagine. The checked tea towel over the head a la shepherd, isn’t going to hack it.

Remember the cycling club ladies Jancanrun, they cycle in full make-up. Mr JCR seems to have found a pic of a Boudicca looking like Xena Warrior Princess – wishful thinking on his part – with leather skirt and Madonna type bra. Neither my bod, nor my leather saddlery nor metalwork skills are that great. So the scratty blue and orange combo it is. Even at party time, I notice how chicness eludes me.

Perhaps no bad thing considering the night included 5 Ancient Roman challenges, men v women or Vir v Mulier, as the gaming board had it.

This morning for Run 2, I am channelling Boudicca, mainly because remnants of the artistic blue Iceni logos are still decorating my face and arms…. it was a late night. In my defence, we had to dash home for what turned out to be a false burglar alarm (phew) a sat nav challenge which took us through a sunflower field.., oh and there’s a once every ten years pilgrimage going on which has meant people chanting and ringing bells at 3am for the past couple of nights. You can tell I am getting my excuses in early, I promised bareliz that I wouldn’t overindulge on the vino as that waits for the podium.

So I set off a little later than usual but it’s a lot cooler we’ve had rain and wind, so last night was about 21 degrees and this morning similar, which is very helpful. However, my tech got all in a muddle, okay well I got all in a muddle and started running when the MapMyRun lady said I should.  Unfortunately, Mr Smooth seemed to have been put on pause. But then this morning I am Boudicca and she wouldn’t know how to work a phone either.

Up the Hill that Kills, nice and shady so it felt fine, down to Lovers’ Lane, no Anouska or Albino but I’m up late so they are probably done and dusted a long time ago. I do however see Lord Kitchener in a different pair of shorts today, we nod only, no buongiorno, not even a grunt of recognition. Still it’s only the second time he has ever seen the batty English woman, so why would he do anything else? Back up to the Hill that Kills and the downward slope run, actually although I am dog tired, I keep plodding, and it is a plod, back up the Hill that Kills. It feels much harder this time around.

Then the Map My Run mechanical voice lady gives me a time check which is 5 minutes further on than Mr Smooth’s. At this point I was trying to recalibrate what time I had done, so frantic mental arithmetic, I reckoned if I kept running until Mr Smooth gave me the one minute warning, then I’d probably have run for about 33 or 34 minutes, I wasn’t entirely sure but thought that would be best.

When I got Mr Smooth’s 5 minute warning, I was scarily close to having to run back up the hill towards the Hill that Kills, and this is when Boudicca deserted me, I decided given the fatigue I would just run back up Lovers’ Lane. And yes I did the run, not Boudicca-like, as she would have just taken on the Hill that Kills, but I really couldn’t face running up it for a third time.

The run was done, a bit ragged like the Ancient Briton costume, but there you are.

P.s. Anyone need a Boudicca costume? Or a Mr Boudicca costume? The fighting staffs are a bit the worse for wear


Oh Woman Oh Man – London Grammar

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince and The Revolution

Tesla Girls – OMD

Avalon – Roxy Music

Rio – Duran Duran

Common People – Pulp

Love In Itself – Depeche Mode

Rockferry and Rain On Your Parade – Duffy

I Predict A Riot – Kaiser Chiefs

Strong – London Grammar

Talking Loud and Clear – OMD

Back to Black – Amy Winehouse


Distance 5.82km

Time 51.01

Average Pace 8.46 mins/km

Originally posted on Health Unlocked 20 August 2017

This was a tough run, and thinking back I should have taken an extra day’s rest. I was shattered and my feet felt like lead weights. But sometimes you just have to grunt through and that is what I did. The bit that does make me smile is the night before with approximately 50 Ancient Romans gathered outside a petrol station and no-one blinked an eye…


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