22 August – Week 9 Run 3 – Grumbling, Grembiule and Graduating

Grumbling, Grembiule and Graduating - Week 9 Run 3

Meat free Monday includes no alcohol – all an attempt to put me in a good place for today’s grown-up run. However helping a friend with last minute revision for an English exam, meant we didn’t actually eat until 9.45pm. Mmm veggie lasagne sits heavily I can tell you. So I didn’t get my technology right, forgot to set the Michael date reminder, slept through the alarm oh and was carrying the best part of Puglia’s pasta on my stomach. Hey ho an hour and a half later than I should have been. Grumble, grumble

Out I went having disabled the mechanical map my run lady. Down the Slope of Hope on the warm up walk, passed the house with the barking dogs. New day of being a grown up runner, so I thought this time I wouldn’t tell the dogs to eff off, so I just said ‘ssshhh’. Good job really, as the lady of the house came out as I was passing, to put out her bins. Now this lady is of an age – what that  age is I am not entirely sure and she was wearing a traditional grembiule (Gremb you lay) a floral cross-over pinafore a la Ena Sharples. My friend G (she of the broken 5th metatarsal) and I have a theory that there is a certain age, when clothing boutiques in Le Marche, stop serving you and tell you that now you have to wear the grembiule.

In addition to reaching this age and wearing the grembiule, you also have to get your hair done in the helmet style. Think Vanilla Ice style with a burgundy rinse. This is the uniform style for ladies of that age in our village. The worrying thing is I think I am actually nearing that. In fact, G thinks I am already there because she bought me a gorgeous blue floral grembiule in which both Mr JCR and I could fit (as my welcome to Italy present).

So chuckling at the thought of the grembiule, I carried on up the Hill that Kills where a car very kindly waited for me to pass. That never happens here – truly the running gods are smiling. I carry on up to Lovers’ Lane, no Anouska and Albino today, I must have missed them by at least an hour. Back down to the Villa Bali, and to the Hill that Kills, its hard and very warm again. At least this bit is downhill.

Back up the Hill that Kills and I overtake someone (well they were walking), he looked like Babbo Natale and said Forza Signora as I passed him. Continued on, Mr Smooth doesn’t say that much now, but as I rounded into Lovers’ Lane I got the 5 minute warning, and shortly after Ultravox’s Vienna came on the playlist. As an eighties girl I loved that song so much – this is when music seemed to matter a lot, and I can remember feeling gutted that it was kept off Number 1 by Joe Dolce’s Shadduppa your face. A fake Italian singer with a very dodgy stereotypical Italian accent and song.

One minute to go and Vienna is fading out and all of a sudden Mr Smooth is telling me the 30 minutes is done and that I can walk now. I whooped loudly and hoped that Babbo Natale didn’t hear me as he came into view. It must be perplexing to be overtaken by a runner and then see that same runner then walking…

So that’s it I am a fully fledged grown-up, now to do some real learning.

There are a whole bunch of people without whom I couldn’t have done this.

Mr JCR who very kindly allows me to talk about him here, and who also prepared a bucks fizz cool down drink.

Then and here’s the big thank you call, first and foremost my running buddy, who kindly allowed me to stalk her as a virtual pal. Her example early on was brilliant. To RebeccaSK who is my role model for sticking at something even when it hurts.

Our two fab mentors Oldfloss and IannodaTruffe without whose support and advice me and I am guessing many others wouldn’t be where we are.

Our administrators who keep this place safe and friendly.

Fellow week 9ers, bareliz leighbev Carolyn55 Catherine2255 ChunkyMonkey rolysmatemizz_happy.

Some of the folk whose posts and feedback have spurred me on Ericslad snack_shack sheps(my clone) mrrun

It tells me I can’t tag anymore but not to forget, IgaT, JannowRuns, Irish John, Lard of Ale, ManofKent, Helene Corsa ,Froggy Runner, MFamilias, RunningRaspberryDiva, MrsT82 SC1472, and Rignold king of squats, Reluctance, NiborS, SCB1, MummyCav, SlinkiMalinki and Feeling Fab. There’s so many more If I forgot you I apologise….

Happy smily face..


Vienna – Ultravox*

*Map My Run didn’t record this run, so I have no official record of it, save for the pic of me walking back home, with a pink face.



30 minutes of running, I promise

One pink face

One satisfied lady

2 glasses of Buck’s Fizz

This was originally posted on Health Unlocked 22 August 2017

Just looking for the Map My Run record and finding it wasn’t there was really upsetting, I wanted to show the stats. But obviously in a Bucks Fizz haze, I lost some backing up. The Oscar Winning  Speech of Thanks, doesn’t really cover the breadth and depth of support I got from the forum, the C25Kers are a lovely set of people, and truthfully without their feedback, I am not sure I would have stuck at the plan.

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