24 August – Big Girl’s School – Day 1 of new running life

Big Girl's School - Day 1 of new running life

Satchel out, new uniform out, new pens – all done in readiness for my first run post graduation (still can’t believe that bit though). Actually all that I really did was download a new interval timer app and give myself a new set of reminders to keep running. This now is the closest I get to Mr Smooth.

Mmm what to do? The grown ups are waiting, there’s the stepping stone podcast, now talk of negative splits, interval timings, Tabata – what the heck is Tabata?

So I decide to take advice from our mentors. IannodaTruffe has posted links previously about the 10% increment rule on distances and how to avoid burning out so soon after graduating. So I kind of adapted it, in truth I’ve never managed to really know what distance I’ve actually run – the run and walk combo has been about 5.5 – 6 kms. So I thought I’d do 10% increments on W9 but in timing not km. Today was 33 minutes running, and I thought I’d do that all week, see what distance that works out at and take it from there.

Out on the Slope of Hope, all quiet today, the wind has changed, the tourists are going home and we are reverting to sleepy normality. Up the Hill that Kills, to Lovers’ Lane, I pass Anouska and Albino, can’t stop its only 10 minutes in. Then back down Lovers’ Lane and to the Hill that Kills, but instead of doing the usual route I decided to be brave and change, back onto the Slope of Hope and then downhill to the Bendy, Scary Road.

It is bendy and very scary, the traffic roars past and a thundering lorry means I jump onto the verge. No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition or in this case a podista running. My weapons are a Monarch red face, a raspberry bellini running top and quite clearly an element of surprise. I wimp out as the lorry is bigger than me and turn back to the Slope of Hope, which is only hopeful because in the mornings I walk down it. On this run I have to run up it, aha flaw in my plan. Slope of Hope has become Slope of No Hope.

I think I have the new challenge sorted, first off get up to 5K, secondly actually run up the Slope of Hope in its entirety.

Thanks to all the lovely people who congratulated me on graduation and very nicely said I should continue posting. If it’s okay with you, I thought I’d pop up from time to time, not every run though, as this space is really for those on their C25K journey.

Ciao for now



Rumour Has It (Twice in Succession) – Adele

Back to Back and Rehab – Amy Winehouse

Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles

Help Me Rhonda and Barbara Ann – The Beach Boys

Crazy In Love – Beyonce

Hot In The City – Billy Idol

Mony Mony – Billy Idol

Girls and Boys – Blur

Tracy Jacks – Blur


Distance 4.89km

Time  42.26 mins

Average Pace 8.40 mins/km

Originally posted on Health Unlocked 24 August 2017

This was a techy problem run, the integration of Map My Run and my new interval timer just didn’t work and they seemed to countermand each other. My music was playing in alpha order, so I was a little distracted, but at the same time determined that I wouldn’t blow up the way other graduates have, by trying to stretch the run or accelerate too much. I kept this post brief on the Health Unlocked site, as a kind of goodbye to them and hello to here.


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