29 August – Allo, Allo it’s all a bit scary

There’s a constant whining noise in my ear, and it’s annoying me. It’s about 6.30am and am still in bed. Mr JCR seems oblivious to this noise, I am getting very ratty now.
Oh yes I had forgotten Lucifer has sent his younger brother, who according to Dr Google may be called Michael. That seems a bit rubbish for all the Michaels in the world.

I digress, with Michael being in Italy, the heat is back and so are the damn mosquitoes, and this pesky little lady has been buzzing around my ears. Okay I give up, just get ready for running.

Kit on, out onto the Slope of Hope, same plans as last time really aim to run for 33 minutes and see how I feel. Maybe do 5km if near the mark. Up the Hill that Kills, it’s hot again but the trees give welcome shade, turn into Lovers’ Lane and see Anouska and Albino, she’s looking very smart today in a black chiffon number, I am wearing my Tango combo, scorching orange top with orange and blue diamond checked shorts.

Back down Lovers’ Lane and decide I will brave the scary bendy road again, at this point realise I haven’t heard from the MMR mechanical voice lady and then spot it isn’t on. That’s a running on the spot faffing about, then I go on. Down to the bendy scary road, it’s quiet, the children are still on holiday, so there’s no school bus or ferrying mums and dads to worry about.

Minding my own business and then whoosh I get overtaken by a cyclist – nothing unusual about that except that Pumping Jack Flash, appears to have forgotten his bike. He is kitted out in the full cycling regalia, the zip top with its hamster pockets at the back, and curiously, he is running in cyclist nappy pants. He was very pleasant, said Buongiorno and moved smoothly on. He was wearing acid green, together we must have looked like a colour blindness testcard. But where was his bike? He wasn’t wearing clip-on bike shoes, so I guess he is a closet runner, or a runner who can’t afford a bike, just the clothing. Or maybe he just forgot to do the laundry this week, we’ve all been there!

Carry on past the barking dog house that gave me a fright on Sunday; no wonder –  there are 5 dogs in there barking away. Mechanical voice lady informed me it had been 3km of running, which I knew was actually 4 because of the Hill that Kills and Lovers’ Lane loop being missed. I decided to carry on until the 4km mark which was 5km. Difficult to tell my pace but I believe it was about 38 minutes to do the 5km again.

As a non-molto chic podista, I do try to encourage motorists to be nice to all podistas by acknowledging them with a hands up if they slow down or give me a wide berth. It however does look remarkably like the salute given by the German Captain in ‘Allo ‘Allo, all those years ago.

So today’s stats included about 15 ‘Allo ‘Allo waves, and exactly 3 eff offs – one of which was aimed at the 5 dogs, the other at a moped rider and a third at the Carabinieri Forestale (long after they’d gone) who cut a corner and frightened me.

Scarily, my distance recorded on Map My Run comes out exactly at 6.66km – the mark of you know who, maybe Lucifer and his younger brother are sending me a message? But then they missed the 1km I did early on and wasn’t recorded, so they’re not that smart.


Born In The USA – The Boss

Barbara Ann – The Beach Boys

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince and The Revolution

Doginabag – The Fratellis

Smile Like You Mean It and Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll (in succession) – The Killers

Daydream Believer – The Monkees

Rio – Duran Duran

Purple Rain – Prince and The Revolution

Can You Feel It and Thriller (in succession) – Michael Jackson

Strong – London Grammar

Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

Scooby Snacks – Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Creep – Radiohead


Distance 6.66 km (but it was nearer to 8km, with the missing loop and warm up walk missed off)

Time 57.47

Average Pace 8.40 mins/km



2 thoughts on “29 August – Allo, Allo it’s all a bit scary

  • Hi Jan, RRD here, look at you, not only a runner but now a blogger! 😀😀
    What new app are you using & is it for stamina or distance?


    • HI Carol, thanks for popping up. I am using at the moment is MapMyRun, she is a bit mechanical but is free. And you can program her for walking or running and add in other fitness things too. So it’s not really for either, I am using it mainly for monitoring distance, but you can do sexy things with the paid for version such as hooking up your heart monitor etc. How is life post graduation?


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