Moist vs. Squat – Which is Worse, You Decide…

Like many people, I have favourite words; some of which I probably over-use. Others I really detest and it seems I am not alone. A poll from Oxford Dictionaries in 2016 revealed the world’s least favourite words:-

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.26.51

Moist –  I  have to agree with the fair populations of USA, UK, Canada and Australia, it is truly despicable. But my own second disliked word is ‘squat’. What on earth has this got to do with running?

I don’t like the sound of it, I don’t like the thought of it, but nonetheless this year I have found myself doing it…

It all started when my virtual run buddy on Health Unlocked, gave me a challenge (still not completed btw, to do an 11 mile walk). We were trading suggestions and then I remembered, there is one member of the Health Unlocked forum, who is passionate about squatting.

Rather foolishly or cleverly depending on your viewpoint, we decided to do a squat challenge, asking Rignold The King of Squats for a challenge. So his Week 1 challenge in July was to do 3 sets of 10 reps of basic squats a day.

Some issues followed, basically I have no sense of balance – this is why running  appealed. I actually couldn’t keep my feet flat on the ground whilst squatting. Squatting in high heels, not a problem, albeit not a picture anyone deserves to see. Squatting in high heels for 3 sets of reps, you gotta be joking. Maybe trainers would be better.

Then followed some of my most humiliating moments when exercising. Can’t squat, then try doing it over a toilet! Yup that worked, but feels weird. Squatting near the bed – yes that worked too, but too many falls back onto the bed meant this wasn’t really an option.  Squatting near a wall for moral support, yes that was okay.  Squatting holding onto the door, that was fine too. Squatting in front of a mirror – total complete and utter fail, as I get the giggles watching myself, as my legs squatted so did my face. Just couldn’t seem to do it freestyle.

Many YouTube views later, I seem to have got it. And this morning for the very first time I squatted for 3 sets of 10 reps. The very first time – not a whole week’s worth mind. So now about 8 weeks after the ‘beginners’ squat challenge, it looks as though I will be able to do the most basic of squat moves.  My challenge this coming week is to squat 3×10 reps daily. Then on Week 9, I can get onto the Rignold King of Squats Week 2 challenge….

BTW moist is still my least favourite word, and now totally confirmed because squatting makes me sweaty and therefore moist…. eeuugghhh.

Squatting for Beginners Video



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