Faffolino and Forza – 3 October

It’s a beautiful sunny Autumn day, I am safely snuggled under the duvet, with a welcome mug of tea in hand. Putting off my date with Mr Smooth, I swallow my tea and I have an unngghh throat, I am not sure how you spell that first word, but it is when you swallow and inside your head, your throat makes that ‘I have a cold coming’ noise.

Wondering whether this really constitutes a good enough excuse not to run, there’s a beep at the gate, one of our friends coming round to borrow some gardening kit. Mr JCR hot foots it downstairs to open up, and I give myself a kick and get up to go.

So far, Faffolino the faff-mouse has persuaded me to have a mug of tea, instead of getting up to run. Then follows a master-class in faffing, Faffolino is at her best! Kit out and ready, aha no underwear, go to wardrobe to get suitable trussing, put on running socks – the sexy ones with wings on the back, put on the wrong feet, so pull them off and replace. Come downstairs, friend and Mr JCR are having cup of coffee, I then decide for no apparent reason to sort out the bins (faff), put the washing out to dry (faffolino working hard), bleach the bin (why????). Finally get my act together, water, music, phone, keys all ready, I leave the house get to the garden gate and decide I need to use the loo (more faff). About 40 minutes after having decided to run I finally got on my way. My usual routine is a sleek 12 minutes!

Down the Slope of Hope, the Barking Balcony House is quiet, and I start my run, up the Hill that Kills, go past two old ladies out for a morning passegiata, they nod and say buongiorno and so do I. My legs feel heavy this morning and this first pass up the hill is quite hard going, I continue into Lovers’ Lane towards Villa Bali. I run around the lawns and there appears to be some kind of corporate do on, with people looking important and taking calls on the lawn. I run past and back out, and see the rubbish collecting man, tidying up the vestiges of last night’s nocturnal activities. I continue back to the Hill that Kills, on the upward slope – my heart sank as there is a Molto Chic Podista coming my way (she is not the Molto Chic Podista). Wearing a red vest, with long grey running leggings, she is lithe and has the obligatory swooshy ponytail. My face matches her vest and I am only about 1.5km in, my excuse being I am still in the toxic ten phase. We nod, I don’t think I could summon the energy to speak.

I plod on and do my usual Hill that Kills trot, go down to the Slope of Hope and pass Mr Woodpile who has trussed up feet and is in a wheelchair. We exchange greetings as my Italian isn’t good enough to ask questions about his health (besides which we only ever talk about his woodpile). I turn back up the Hill that Kills, and my music is all over the place, so I stop to mess about and then continue (Faffolino followed me out today). Back down Lovers’ Lane, I notice that when I altered my music and put Map My Run on pause, I didn’t resume the run on the app, so I’ve lost some running distance off my stats (Faffolino really is roaring today). I continue but my legs and heart aren’t really in it today, because my breathing is okay but legs feel like lead. In a bloody mindedness moment I decide to loop to the Hill that Kills for a third time, just as punishment for the bad run. On my way towards the Hill that Kills, I hear a car coming up behind me, and he noticeably slows down, comes really close and shouts Forza Forza Signora and then continued on. No idea who he was, I didn’t recognise the car, but he did give me a bit of a boost to continue.

Lessons learned today, first of all allowing Faffolino a toe-hold is bad news, because once you start the faff, it continues. Secondly, I really don’t like the free download of U2 that seems to have inveigled its way on to my phone, therefore I am removing the tracks today, so there’s no musical faffing in future. Thirdly, an unngghh throat is probably a hint that you’re slightly under the weather, and unlikely to perform at your best.

Face Colour – Salsa Red

Anyway, the music thing is a big motivator for me I love my music and there are two or three folk on C25K who share similar tastes and we trade playlist suggestions. One of these is Razouski who has lost hearing in one ear and is now fighting an infection in her other one and so is bereft of 80s music to listen to and struggling with balance. So Razouski in your honour I have created a Retro Runners’ Playlist on my phone – details to be listed elsewhere. Use it as inspiration as you will…. and good luck with that ear.



The pesky app didn’t record a thing – Faffolino well and truly got me.


Distance 6.93km (probably there or thereabouts right, as it excluded part of my run, but included my warm down walk)

Time 52.43

Pace 7.36 kms/min

Elevation Gain 66 Metres

Squat Challenge

3X sets of 11 Reps, must do better…..aim for 15 by end of week!


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