Retro Running Playlist – How It Works – 5 Oct

After having a lot of fun creating the ‘retro runners’ playlist, I now have the pleasant or nightmarish job of deciding what else goes on the playlist. It’s mainly 80s music, predominantly the UK scene and so far 4 women have been the main selectors of content.

But having publicised it to Razouski (the lady in whose honour this list has been created), Antet and Polly 2810 on C25K, it seems the guys liked 80s music too… So now I have a huge ‘shortlist’ to compile and decide which music to download next and to add to the retro runners’ playlist. This is not quite as easy as it seems.

My rules for downloads are:-

I am allowed one download per run completed each week

And I am allowed a further download if I meet the target km for the week.

Downloads made each Sunday

The weekly km is determined by my training system as follows:

Week X = 1 x run 7km, 2 x 6.5km

Week Y = 1 x run 7.5km, 2 X 7km

Week Z = 1 x run 8km, 2 x 7.5km

If I run more than 7.5km on Sunday, then I am allowed 4 downloads this week

Also I hadn’t quite thought through my rule-set, as I am intending ramping up the distance to 10K. Not sure what my new download incentive rules will be post 10K, but am open to suggestions.

This week’s  4 downloads will be chosen from:-

Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule The World – Thanks to Polly

Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty – – Thanks to Antet

I Ran – Flock of Seagulls – Thanks to Razouski

Talk Talk – Talk Talk –  Thanks to Lard of Ale

Don’t Go – Yazoo – Thanks to Ginger Bohemian

Tainted Love – Soft Cell – Thanks to me!

I now have to create the ‘long’ shortlist, from named songs and also named artists…. more to follow on this one I think




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