A Deck of Ginger Ale – 8 October

You’re right, this title makes no sense whatsoever…, but it does to me and a few other folk on C25K.

I created  a Spotify playlist and download list on my phone to honour a fellow runner, who was sorely missing her music due to being deaf in one ear and then suffering a loss of hearing in her good ear. Thankfully she is better now.

In response to my post about creating this 80’s biased playlist, I got loads of responses from fellow C25Kers including somewhat to my surprise a whole host of 80’s music fans amongst the men. I don’t why I was surprised, but I was.

Anyway, Decker, LardofAle, and Ginger Bohemian came up with another great list of songs for me to consider, so the new Retro Runners playlist is called ‘Deck of Ginger Ale’ in their honour.

The first 4 songs to go on it are:-

Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty – – Thanks to Antet

I Ran – Flock of Seagulls – Thanks to Razouski

Talk Talk – Talk Talk – Thanks to Lardofale

Tainted Love – Soft Cell – Thanks to me

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