I Don’t Like Sundays … 15 Oct

I do really, but today I still can’t run after having twanged my right leg on Thursday night, when going out.

Worse still I twanged it before having had a drink, so I cannot blame anyone or anything other than myself, for being not fully on the injury couch, but not quite able to run.

I have been amusing myself updating new 80s playlists on Spotify, and have succumbed to a free subscription so I can do some downloads to my phone. Will have to see how the Spotify thing goes… Not usually a fan of these services, but who knows I could become a convert.

In the meantime back to London tomorrow, leaving Mr JCR with the olive harvest to do and organise (cunning timing on my part).

For injuries you are supposed to follow the RICE method to recuperate, but icing and elevating my right leg is not really on the cards, so am adopting purely some rest to get me in better shape. But I am taking my trainers to London, just in case I can get a run or two in. Wish me luck.

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