A Deck of Ginger Ale Facelift -15 October

Decker, LardofAle, and Ginger Bohemian came up with another great list of songs for me to consider, so the new Retro Runners playlist was called ‘Deck of Ginger Ale’ in their honour.

The first 4 songs to go on it were:-

Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty – – Thanks to Antet

I Ran – Flock of Seagulls – Thanks to Razouski

Talk Talk – Talk Talk – Thanks to Lardofale

Tainted Love – Soft Cell – Thanks to me

Further suggestions have come in, so there’s a few more to add from:-

Razouski – Our Retro leader

Ginger Bohemian – a 70s glam rock man in hiding

Polly 2810 – Sky Diving Music Lover

CT 2017 – breaking strides into music playlists

Antet – the perfect song for the perfect moment person

MrsT82 – all round super woman born when Culture Club were at Number 1..

Lard of Ale – a man whose record collection I want to steal

Decker – a Canadian with a Brit vibe

New Songs this week are:-

Don’t Go – Yazoo

Everybody Wants to Rule The World – Tears for Fears

Every Day Hurts – Sad Cafe

Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Culture Club

Hold Me Now – Thompson Twins

Doctor, Doctor – Thompson Twins

I Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty

Fade to Grey – Visage

Visage – Visage

Don’t You Want Me – Human League

Cars – Gary Numan

Don’t You Forget About Me – Simple Minds

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Pride comes before a fall… 12 Oct

Although in this particular case, prosecco actually came after the fall.

Rewind to yesterday evening, me and Mr JCR going out for dinner to a nice fish restaurant in Fano, Cile’s as it happens. We are a little early, so decide to have aperitivi in Bar Must (yes there’s lots of weird English word combinations).

With my eyes firmly on the prize of a nice table for two, I stride confidently forward down an unseen step. And trip, not a swallow dive, but very Dick Emery and his Mandy character (my how that dates me). I definitely felt a twinge in the groin area, but recovered sufficiently to enjoy the prosecco. Really no big deal at all.

Today’s semi ambitious plan was to crack 8.5km, and I thought the best way of doing that was to do it at the Fano pista, the running track where men dress in a notable manner. This is almost flat and a 2.2km circuit, I thought if I could do more or less 4 circuits I’d be fine. Cue lights, camera and action. I stepped out in my kit, started to get the music, Map My Run and my keys organised, then when my money fell out of my phone holder all on the track, my how the two roller bladers laughed. I adopted the standard London snooty pose and carried on, first km fine, second km am a bit warm so remove extra top and take it back to the car. Entering the pista again I managed to trip over thin air and pulled the self same areas of my right leg. This is known as Stupid Tart Syndrome and I suffer from it quite a bit.

Anyway I carried on, ignoring the twinge, that was becoming an ache, that was becoming a pain and managed to overtake 4/5 wunners. At about 4km mark, it is clear that ‘Houston we have a problem’, the groin pull is mirrored by a pull on the inside of my right knee and my right hamstring. For distraction purposes, I spot that the lampposts seem to be numbered sequentially and thought they were about 100m apart. My new cunning plan is to run 10 lampposts which in JCR land, equates to a km. Except that mechanical voice lady from Map My Run is suspiciously quiet…

Stupid Tart Syndrome strikes again, the lampposts are just numbered and they are not actually 100m apart. This compromises my plan to do 40 lampposts to finish. At this stage my right leg is quite painful, therefore I wait for mechanical voice lady to tell me it has been 5km and the second she did, I stopped running.

Upshot is, when suffering from Stupid Tart Syndrome, do not set ambitious targets, do not change venues and finally never rely on lampposts.



Blue Monday – New Order

World in Motion – ditto

Rumour Has It – Adele

Everything Must Go – The Manics

Maid of Orleans – OMD

Beat It – Michael Jackson

Let’s Dance – David Bowie

Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs

Rain on Your Parade – Duffy

Rockferry – Duffy


Distance 5.02km

Time 33.22

Avergage Pace 6.38 min/km

Elevation Gain 10 Metres

Fastest km 6.26

In fact, this has been one of my fastest runs to 5km. Speed and Stupid Tart Syndrome obviously combined today.

No Squats as Muscles too painful!

Face Colour – Sick as a parrot green….

Run’s Unkind – With Apologies to Donna Summer – 10 Oct

My running days follow a well worn routine, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Generally, I try to avoid over indulging the day before and so Mondays are usually meat and alcohol free.

Yesterday’s plans went a little awry when the meat-free mushroom omelette ended up in the kitchen sink, after my unsuccessful attempt at flipping it out of the pan onto the plate. Someone please tell me why I decided to do that over a sink? –  oh and the sink was full of washing up water. Ever tried scooping up a mushroom omelette out of soapy water? Fairy Liquid bubbles on mushrooms – lovely.  As the lunchtime rations had been severely curtailed (I had no more eggs), dinner was a wholemeal pastry cauliflower cheese flan.

Well the wholemeal pastry was certainly filling, but then so is concrete and I don’t think we will be eating either ever. Meat-free Monday, not my best effort. Would alcohol-free fare any better? I am rather partial to Mon Cheri liqueur cherries and so we had 2 with evening coffee – I’d forgotten about the alcohol content. All in all, a pretty useless attempt at healthy living.

Out on today’s run, (my legs were a little stiff yesterday after Sunday’s long run and fastest km time) – warm up walk down the Slope of Hope, past the barking balcony house – yup one dog barks, yup I jump up and yup I tell him to eff off. Into the Hill that Kills, my music is not right so an impromptu stop to get Tom Petty on and then I continue.

On my way towards Lovers’ Lane, I can hear a rumble behind me. I always run towards oncoming traffic, on the basis that I think it is better for me to see who is trying to run me down. The rumble is getting closer and I adopt the Londoner attitude, nose in the air, continue running and ignore it. But I can actually feel the ground quiver so I look over my shoulder and yes I am being followed by a dirty great off-road vehicle, yes they are driving on the wrong side of the road, but they don’t appear to be in any hurry. Aha, that’s because they are going off-road into the field and I am standing pretty much in the middle of their chosen entry point, I put my hand up to thank them and move swiftly on. ( I say swiftly, it wasn’t at all, it was really rather ‘snail’y)

Down Lovers’ Lane towards Villa Bali, usual loop, I pass a lady who is contemplating something, she says buongiorno, so do I and move on, back to do my usual loop  and for the second time I run around and pass her (she is still contemplating whatever it was she was contemplating last time) – on this pass by mutual agreement we don’t say a word.

For whatever reason today my legs feel a little heavy, and whilst in principle I was aiming to do 8.5km, in my head I was thinking 5 or 6km would be fine., so I decided on a gentle downward run to finish. Normally runners suffer from the toxic tens – which is the time when you are running anaerobically. Today I was suffering from the ‘effing’ 4 and 5s. At the 4km stage, I was running like Mrs Overall, so I thought I’d plod onto 6km and finish.

Onto the Bendy, Scary Road and in the distance I see the caramel chic podista – this is the lady that I have seen a couple of times before. Today she is dressed in a black sleeveless crop top, with black capris – usual gleaming caramel skin and swooshy ponytail. Me full-length grey base layer and black/pink shorts accessorised by Monarch Red face and Catweazel hair. I look at her wishing I could swap and have her top because it would be cooler, but knowing my pot-belly won’t permit that. I don’t for one moment think she’d like to swap any of her outfit/look for any of mine!

We say ciao, because now we know each other – the third time of seeing each other on runs must mean the ice is broken. Donna Summer comes on singing Love’s Unkind and at this stage (about 5.5km in), my legs are dying and I am thinking Running is Unkind. But seeing a fellow podista gave me a bit of impetus and so I carried on, past Cavendish Hill and towards the cobbled village. I knew I had done more than 7km but today feeling a bit tired I stopped on the way up the cobbles towards the church. 7.88km done, more than I had expected earlier on.

A 2km walk back to the house as warm down, I round the corner and coming towards me, is the caramel chic podista, we both laughed and said ciao again. I thought about telling her that she was an encouragement for me to carry on today, but she’d probably think I was a bit crazy. So in my head I thanked her for being a fellow podista on a day when my legs were giving up.


Tainted Love – Soft Cell

Removables – The Manics

Runnin’ Down a Dream – Tom Petty

She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult

Get Dancin’ – Disco Tex & His Sex-O-Lettes

Marvin Gaye -Puth and Trainor

Oh Woman, Oh Man – London Grammar

Strong – ditto

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Cake by the Ocean – DNCE

Love’s Unkind – Donna Summer

This Girl – Kungs

Uptown Funk – Ronson and Mars

Talk Talk – Talk Talk

Rasputin – Boney M


Distance 7.88km

Time 1.00.13

Average Pace 7.38 (mins/Km)

Elevation Gain – 51 metres

Best Km Pace 6.47 mins (thanks to the caramel chic podista)

Toadkill  Count – 3

Squats – 3 sets of 15 reps – yay!




Navigating up and down hills – 8 October

I live in Le Marche, Italy and it is true to say that most people have never heard of the Region. Comments we hear regularly are – ‘your house in Tuscany, Umbria’ etc. And to be fair until we’d moved here, we’d never heard of it either. I was trying to find out what the Region was famous for and I have to say it’s not a big list:-

Valentino Rossi aka Il Dottore – the famous MotoGP rider lives not far from here with a big estate and personal motorbike track. His ‘home’  MotoGP track Misano is about 30 minutes away from us.

Luciano Pavarotti — had his summer house in Pesaro a seaside resort again about 30 minutes away from us

Raphael – The Renaissance painter

Rossini – The Composer

There is I believe an Italian saying along the lines of ‘better Death at your door, than a man from Le Marche’, which is something to do with the fact that the Region was the home of the Papal Tax Collector centuries ago. The Marchigiani therefore have a reputation for being not only mean with their own money, but worse than that they take yours! Not something I have to say we have ever found to be true. But stereotypes exist all over the world.

All in all an unassuming place, quite quiet and not at all like Chiantishire. The one thing that does unite the Marchigiani is the love of Valentino Rossi. His home village is covered in his fluoro yellow flags and banners – all the houses there seem to be numbered 46. His merchandising is seen everywhere, and naturally enough he is a local hero.

On the way out this morning, I took a new warm up walk route – Argo’s loop. I noticed that there was an empty men’s underwear box in the road with the brand name ‘Navigare’ (English = navigate) on it. Ordinarily I’d pick it up and put it in my bin, but today is an 8km, maybe 8.5km run and I didn’t want to be carrying a men’s knicker box with me! Halfway around Argo’s Loop, Map My Run, Mechanical Voice Lady told me to get my arse in gear and run so I did – down the Slope of Hope, towards the Bendy, Scary Road.

I was in a nice routine and a motorcyclist was coming towards me adopting the Valentino Rossi ‘waggly leg’ posture. This is Rossi’s trademark and much copied, but this guy was (on a good day) at least 20 years older than Il Dottore, and the funniest bit it wasn’t even on a motorbike, he was riding a moped! He was taking this not so vicious bend, with a waggly leg manoeuvre and I reckon he was doing about 30mph. Bizarrre.

I continued on and met two pot-bellied cyclists, who waved and said Buongiorno, running past the bikers caff, a wardrobe stop was called for. It was about 13 degrees and chilly when I started, it was about 19/20 degrees by the time I had covered 6 km. I removed the runner’s gilet and then faffed trying to tie it around my waist. Without sleeves, it isn’t big enough to go around my potbelly! Eventually I came to a solution and carried on my run. I take a road directly parallel to the Via Flaminia to keep me away from the traffic, this I call the ‘bin road’ as it has an extraordinary number of bins for its residents. Along the bin road I see a lovely sight. Nonno, nonna, mamma and babbo are all witnessing a little girl on her tricycle, riding solo without her dad’s hands on the bike to steady her. And they were cheering and shouting ‘brava’, it was a lovely thing to see.

Finally I hit my last 0.5km towards a well-earned coffee at our favourite coffee shop. Done 8.6km! I couldn’t speak, but without having to say a word I was handed a glass of water and a cappuccino. After that, the 5km walk back home up 200 metres elevation gain, I messed up Map My Run yet again and didn’t register that, but I did notice that the men’s knicker box was nowhere to be seen. Clearly it had found its way home, in accordance with its brand name.

Face Colour – Salsa Red


Blasphemous Rumours – Depeche Mode

Cabron – Red Hot Chilis

When Doves Cry – Prince and The Revolution

The Jean Genie – David Bowie

Modern Way – Kaiser Chiefs

(Forever) Live and Die – OMD

Born To Run – The Boss

In the City – The Jam

Can You Feel It – Michael Jackson

Beat It – ditto

Avalon – Roxy Music

Rain On Your Parade – Duffy

Crazy In Love – Beyonce

Dreaming of Me – Depeche Mode

Is Vic There? – Department S

China Girl – David Bowie


Distance 8.69km

Time 59.26

Average Pace 6.50mins/km

Fastest Split 6mins 12 seconds!!!! (it was very downhill)

Toadkill – 5





A Deck of Ginger Ale – 8 October

You’re right, this title makes no sense whatsoever…, but it does to me and a few other folk on C25K.

I created  a Spotify playlist and download list on my phone to honour a fellow runner, who was sorely missing her music due to being deaf in one ear and then suffering a loss of hearing in her good ear. Thankfully she is better now.

In response to my post about creating this 80’s biased playlist, I got loads of responses from fellow C25Kers including somewhat to my surprise a whole host of 80’s music fans amongst the men. I don’t why I was surprised, but I was.

Anyway, Decker, LardofAle, and Ginger Bohemian came up with another great list of songs for me to consider, so the new Retro Runners playlist is called ‘Deck of Ginger Ale’ in their honour.

The first 4 songs to go on it are:-

Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty – – Thanks to Antet

I Ran – Flock of Seagulls – Thanks to Razouski

Talk Talk – Talk Talk – Thanks to Lardofale

Tainted Love – Soft Cell – Thanks to me

Retro Running Taking Me Forward – 5 Oct

After having created the retro runners’ playlist in honour of fellow runner Razouski, who is feeling a bit poorly with her hearing, and giving her big respect as she once sang backing vocals for Marc Almond, I decided today I would run to it and have a 1980s experience.

Out onto Slope of Hope for my warmup walk, past the barking balcony house, which is getting a new lick of paint on it’s garden paving to the sound of Madness and Our House. I nod to the owner and start my run up the Hill that Kills, and past the two ladies having a walk again, this time they don’t see me and I continue to Lovers’ Lane and loop back this time towards Mill Lane. My running feels a bit slow and jerky today, to be honest a bit like 80s dancing. Back down the Slope of Hope, the guy is still painting and I have a feeling my running is actually slower than him painting, back to the usual Lovers’ Lane loop and I move towards the Slope of Hope once more down towards to the Bendy Scary Road.Today’s challenge was to do 8km, as I didn’t quite manage it on Sunday I was about 200m short and Tuesday I just wasn’t feeling the love.

Running along having been passed by a molto chic ciclista – yes she was wearing make-up and yes she managed to look glamorous in a cycling helmet… How the hell can that be? Are Italian women born with lustrous eyelashes, pre-mascara’d and eyelinered? Why does their make-up not slide off their faces?

She was actually very nice and waved and said Buongiorno – I was somewhat distracted and realised if I didn’t re-think my run, I’d have to do the horrors of Cavendish Hill

A little loop back on the Bendy Scary Road ensured I’d be okay and not have to do the hill. At that point Eminem’s Lose Yourself came on, which was a good thing, as it spurred me onto run just that bit faster, and I think I did my quickest km at that point. (Let’s be honest watching paint dry is generally quicker than my ‘fastest km’)

So nicely finished my 8km more or less at the bottom of Cavendish Hill, and the retro runners’ playlist did me proud. Totally channelling my inner 80s, I am wondering whether big hair will ever come back into fashion, as mine is a little awry with being a little warm and soggy…


Our House – Madness

Beat It – Michael Jackson

Don’t You Want Me – Human League

All Stood Still – Ultravox

People are People – Depeche Mode

Be My Number Two – Joe Jackson

Thriller – Michael Jackson

I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Nik Kershaw

Get Dancin’ – Disco Tex and His Sex-O-Lettes

Beat Crazy – Joe Jackson

I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Nik Kershaw (again!)

(Forever) Live and Die – OMD

All She Wants Is – Duran Duran

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Rio – Duran Duran

Rasputin – Boney M

Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode


Distance 8.29km

Time 1.01.18

Average Pace 7.23 (min/km)

Elevation Gain 67 Metres

Fastest Km – 7.01 (thanks Eminem and Antet)



3 sets of 15 reps done



Retro Running Playlist – How It Works – 5 Oct

After having a lot of fun creating the ‘retro runners’ playlist, I now have the pleasant or nightmarish job of deciding what else goes on the playlist. It’s mainly 80s music, predominantly the UK scene and so far 4 women have been the main selectors of content.

But having publicised it to Razouski (the lady in whose honour this list has been created), Antet and Polly 2810 on C25K, it seems the guys liked 80s music too… So now I have a huge ‘shortlist’ to compile and decide which music to download next and to add to the retro runners’ playlist. This is not quite as easy as it seems.

My rules for downloads are:-

I am allowed one download per run completed each week

And I am allowed a further download if I meet the target km for the week.

Downloads made each Sunday

The weekly km is determined by my training system as follows:

Week X = 1 x run 7km, 2 x 6.5km

Week Y = 1 x run 7.5km, 2 X 7km

Week Z = 1 x run 8km, 2 x 7.5km

If I run more than 7.5km on Sunday, then I am allowed 4 downloads this week

Also I hadn’t quite thought through my rule-set, as I am intending ramping up the distance to 10K. Not sure what my new download incentive rules will be post 10K, but am open to suggestions.

This week’s  4 downloads will be chosen from:-

Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule The World – Thanks to Polly

Running Down a Dream by Tom Petty – – Thanks to Antet

I Ran – Flock of Seagulls – Thanks to Razouski

Talk Talk – Talk Talk –  Thanks to Lard of Ale

Don’t Go – Yazoo – Thanks to Ginger Bohemian

Tainted Love – Soft Cell – Thanks to me!

I now have to create the ‘long’ shortlist, from named songs and also named artists…. more to follow on this one I think