7 Things Drinking Runners Should Know*

One of the consequences of becoming a nearly serious runner, is you start acquiring kit and shopping in places you’d never have considered previously. Old Jan in Selfridges, New Jan in Sweaty Betty.  Also, your reading habits change, Old Jan reading Vogue, Elle etc, New Jan reading Runners World and various running blogs.

Not knowing much about running really, except that I enjoy it, I do look at articles offering help from time to time. My latest epic is the 7 things older runners should know, from the Map My Run team.

Find it here

And this list, is I am sure very good advice but a little bit goody two shoes for me, so here is my alternative view on the Sage Seven

*To be taken with a big pinch of salt!!!

Know Your Limits

It is critical as an older runner that you pace your wine/whiskey/beer drinking. Hangover running is no fun, and no spectator wants to see a wrinkly runner vomit!

Warm Ups Matter

Who can disagree? You should never, ever go headlong into a drinking session, without first considering the order of drinks. Personally I am bubbles first, and wine second. Or Gin first then wine. The warm-up drink is critical to consider before imbibing.

Accept Your Pace

No longer a spring chicken…, no longer able to keep up with your running buddies? That’s me to a T. So I now no longer try and keep up with my friend J (she of the hollow legs). She can out-drink and out-run me every time, oh and out-swim, out-cake, out -Limoncello, out-garden. Pretty much any activity J can outdo me. So now I accept my flaws, and cry silently into my glass.

New to Drinking? Then Sip….

As the article says, you’re the only one judging you and your performance. So if you can’t keep up with your friends who possess hollow legs, then sip and alternate the alcohol sipping with water. You know it makes sense.

Take Care Of You

Clean eating and proper hydration is all. My advice is always have nibbles with your drinks, take on some water, and at all costs avoid the late night shawarma or kebab temptation.

Add Strength

This is all about mixing up your training to make you stronger, if you run – try some weights. If you drink, try a new one that you’ve not tried before. My newest – Rhubarb Gin with Ginger Ale – dee-lish – who knew?

Take a Day Off

Rest days in running are important, and even more so when drinking. If you feel it’s all too much and you have fallen prey recently to the late night shawarma or kebab, I’d say a rest is in order….

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