With Apologies To Gloria

Gaynor,  that is. I recently created the MummyCav playlist, On spotify

This is an A-Z of women’s names in song titles, with a few selected anthems in celebration of a fab C25Ker.

There is one notable omission, the karaoke fave, hen-night special ‘ I Will Survive’. Don’t get me wrong,  I love a bit of Gloria, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ love it, ‘Reach Out, I’ll Be There’ absolutely glorious.

But IWS, is one of my most hated songs ever, it’s a close run thing but that and ‘Once In A Lifetime’ by Talking Heads, make me both retch and reach for the off button, if they come on the radio.

Talking Heads, most folk agree, tend to be a Marmite Band, you either love or hate them… But disliking IWS is almost akin to saying you don’t believe in the sisterhood. In fact it’s not a dislike, I actually detest the song, I don’t like the lyrics, I don’t like the tune and sorry Gloria, I don’t like your voice on it either.

I dislike it so much that my very good  friends MandG actually tracked down an original single a couple of years back. Traded hard cash for the vinyl, on an Italian Motorway Service Station and gave it to me as part of our traditional Shit Christmas Present Swap. Inspired thinking on their part.

So Gloria, I am sorry and to paraphrase that awful song

And you see me, somebody new

I’ve never been that person, so in love with you

And when that song is played on Radio 2, I really do dislike you

So I’m afraid on my Spotify, I’m having to de-list you

Okay, it doesn’t scan, but please, I am no lyricist – mind you I don’t think the original lyrics are much better. And this was my playlist tribute to MummyCav on C25K and what tribute could include a song I loathe?

I am running on Sunday, and will be listening to the MummyCav playlist, secure in the knowledge that IWS will never appear on it!

p.s. Mr JCR loathes it too!






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