The 12 Days of Christmas – Day 1

The song starts on the 20th of December, our first full day back in Le Marche.

On the First Day of Christmas

We are here in Italy

And the house was only one degree

A bit of artistic licence here – it was about 8 degrees inside.

Bitterly cold and with loads of preparation to do for Christmas, running is taking a back seat at present. We have friends arriving on the 23rd, and so a clean, warm, food and drink-filled house is a must.

The latter not a problem after a judicious stop at Calais Vins on the way down – the former needs be organised. But who wants to go shopping near Christmas time?, not me. So we settle for a quick trolley dash locally, and promise to go out properly on Friday 22nd.

I start looking up potential runs for Alzheimers as part of my prep for 2018’s challenge – this doesn’t look quite as easy as I thought it would. Most ‘virtual’ runs are for a variety of causes and so far I haven’t found one for Alzheimers…




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