The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Two

21 December

On the Second Day of Christmas

We are here in Italy

Two people cleaning

And the house was only one degree

The problem with closing up a house is that you never quite know what you will find when you open it back up again. We are in rural terrain and have come home to many ‘visitors’ –  last March – burglars, previous years have included dead lizards, moths and the smelly bugs which emit a foul smell when you touch them.

This year, bluebottles had taken nest in our front bedroom windows, we had wondered why our bedroom was littered with dead bodies, and wow we found out when opening the windows and shutters. Cue emergency vacuuming and generous use of the flykiller. All of which would be fine, but we are in an organic farming area and I’m not entirely sure how much damage a flykiller spray does to our ‘organic’ credentials.

Further time spent with Dr Google looking up ‘real runs’ rather than virtual runs for Alzheimers – this is a tad more difficult than I imagined, as I have to allow for the fact that I am in Italy for most of the year and so these runs aren’t quite so numerous here in my Region. Possibly it is time for a re-think on my plan and activity. One helpful person has suggested Running Down Dementia via the Park Run efforts – so that is worth me checking out.

So far I’ve done lots of research, but no actual running or signing up. Mmm JCR – you could do better.



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