The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Four


23 DecemberIMG_9225

On the Fourth Day of Christmas

We are here in Italy

Four stockings readied

Three lots of shopping

Two people cleaning

And the house was only one degree

Our good friends G and J arrived from Holland this afternoon to share one of their precious Christmases with us here in Italy. We enjoyed fantastic hospitality at our good friends Gigio and Catia who run Da Gustin in Bargni and had gorgeous food and drink on the square outside their restaurant, and were treated to the annual event of Catia doing karaoke.

A late supper at home and a nightcap or two, sent us all on our way to bed.

As I mentioned in my post  Running From Reality – 14 December , my dad suffers from Alzheimer’s and so I thought I would sign up for many challenges, virtual runs and real runs in aid of Alzheimer’s throughout 2018. My efforts start now – albeit with some administration if not actual running, I am signing up for the Park Run Running Down Dementia campaign in 2018.  I am pre-registered for the 2018 challenge and if you want to register too, here is the link.

2018 Running Down Dementia Challenge

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