The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Seven


Boxing Day

On the Seventh Day of Christmas

We are here in Italy

Seven laughs a minute

Six Fano Views taken

Five courses eaten

Four stockings readied

Three lots of shopping

Two people cleaning

And the house was only one degree


Today is Boxing Day and another late start for the JCR family and friends. This is becoming quite a habit… 🙂

Another late breakfast/brunch, a bit of mooching around and then our good friends M&G join us for the shit-present gifting session. The deal is this:

Each couple gift the other either a joint or individual gift, which must cost as little as possible – we have a £10 or €10 limit and make us laugh. It has to be rubbish and serve no useful purpose whatsoever.

M&G, G&J and the JCRs swap presents. I get a pair of mittens on a string, baby-sized as I always complain about running and having nowhere to keep my gloves…. Mr JCR gets a Star Wars light sabre to help him be visible and fight off thugs when cycling in London. M&G get a Mummy Christmas tacky outfit and a tinkly sweater. Mr JCR then  gets a bum bag, flesh coloured with hairs painted on it and a hairy belly button , for when he cycles with his club the Pansers (play on the word stomach) – this is perfectly revolting. I get a face exercising sets of lips – think plastic Lesley Ash type to insert and use as a face exerciser. J&G then get a basket of awful items which have stupid meaningless brand descriptions – this harks back to a famous whisky they had called ‘Old and Rare’ . Their goodies basket included such wonderful items as ‘Crock and Soft’ ‘Chip and Gadget’ ‘Long and Shine’. M&G then receive a full set of Santa themed Christmas toilet set covers, including a home made bucket toilet and chocolate poo. We laughed for ages and M&G’s children were generally horrified at all the presents. Job done – what a hoot.

Dinner is cottage pie and veggies and it is quite nice to be eating ‘normal’ food again, after all Christmas’s excesses.

I flip through my two running books and decide Jo Pavey comes first – after all she is an Olympian and an older lady who runs – yes not as old as me but still…

Oh yes, JCR when exactly are you going for a run?



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