The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Nine


BackToBasics 28Dec
Back To Basics!

28 December – 2nd Day of Twixtmas

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

We are here in Italy

Nine o’clock, our friends left

Eight Dutchmen drinking

Seven laughs a minute

Six Fano Views taken

Five courses eaten

Four stockings readied

Three lots of shopping

Two people cleaning

And the house was only one degree

We say goodbye to G&J after five days of non-stop giggling, eating, drinking and having fun. It’s been a blast and now they are going home for New Year with family, and we are going home back to bed….

We set the alarm to make sure we are up before the maintenance guy is coming round to finish off a job.

So what happens today? – pretty much nothing. The weather is awful, cold and wet and windy. We stay at home, and have fridge surprise for dinner. An early night to  regroup and get back to a normal non indulgent routine…

Still no running, but I am reading Jo Pavey’s book for inspiration. It has to be said it’s not really working, I don’t like the writing style… the story in itself is one of someone who held onto a dream and despite many setbacks, kept on coming back to have another bite of the running cherry. What’s not to like – setbacks and glory they are a standard novel outline. Except it’s not a novel, it’s real-life and yet I find there’s something missing.

Mr JCR asks me if I like the book and I am honest and tell him no, I will re-read it, that often helps, but she is not inspiring me to get my kit on. Although the weather has been rough and I’ve had a few migraines type headaches.

I busy myself with looking up virtual run challenges for Alzheimers again, to get me back in the swing. This is not my best effort at all – I just can’t find much on Dr Google. I now think I am going to change the challenge – rather than try and find a number of virtual and real runs, I think it is better to give myself a running kilometre challenge for 2018 instead and use that as a fund raising idea.

I just have to work out a stretching target and set up a fundraising page to get this done. 20km a week doesn’t seem enough that’s just 4 x 5km runs a week. JCR you need to up your game. The thing I need to know is can I?

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