13 Jan – Run low, run slow and don’t run too much



I am walking like John Wayne after yesterday’s 13km, and week’s cumulative kilometre count of 34k – which by the way is still 4k short of my weekly need. In my neck of the woods I don’t need a space between my legs for a horse, not in downtown City fringes anyway.

John Wayne famously said the above headline, actually he didn’t… replace the word run for the word ‘talk’ and you have it spot on.

Tomorrow on run day, I will run low (low kms), I will run slow (slower than usual) and not run too much, so I stop before the Mrs Overall style hits.

In practice, that means not doing another 10k, but maybe aiming for a 7 or 8 at a more leisurely pace. I know I will be running to a deficit in the first 2 or 3 months of the year and I hope to catch it up during the Spring and Summer in Italy.

That’s the plan; in the Summer (according to well known running advice) I can start running daily, rather than every other day. That should help claw back the deficit, or maybe I am doing a Philip Hammond and leaving the economic reckoning to another generation.



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