3 Feb – Slip, Sliding Away

To quote Paul Simon. I had decided yesterday to rest a while and not go out until this afternoon. It was cold and clear this morning, whilst I was warm and toasty inside.

Then at 3.30pm I set off, it was no longer cold and clear, but cold, rainy and breezy. After two minutes of warm-up walking, I decided I’d had enough and that I wasn’t going to get warm enough to run and headed back to the apartment. Not to give in you understand, but to change into warmer gear as my legs were freezing and ears complaining of potential frostbite. (I exaggerate, but they were tingling uncomfortably)

Change of leggings to the fleece lined Dutch ones (the Dutch is important as they have longer legs than me) so I look like a fluorescent Nora Batty, despite taking the hems up.

The pavements were horrid and very slippy, culminating in me doing some rather inappropriate stretches whilst running. Tarmac is better, but even around the City on a rainy, cold Saturday afternoon, road-running isn’t a possibility. So I slipped and slided my way to just over 6km. That’s it, no more to say, it was horrid. I look like a drowned rat  and there’s absolutely no chance of looking like a molto chic podista today.

Face Colour – Monarch Red


From my Weather playlist on Spotify, as that seemed most appropriate

Fog On The Tyne – Lindisfarne

Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen

Thunder – His Purple Highness

Mr Blue Sky – ELO

Ain’t No Sunshine – Lighthouse Family

Downpour – Backstreet Boys

Sunshine On Leith – The Proclaimers

Sunshine After The Rain – Berri

On The Road Again – Canned Heat

Cold As Ice – Foreigner

The Real Slim Shady – Eminem

Summer Breeze – The Isley Brothers

Cold Cold Man – Saint Motel

Warmth – Bastille

Sunshine On A Rainy Day – Galimar


Distance 6.64km

Time 44:32

Average Pace 6:42 (mins/km)

Running Streak 3 days

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 146.04

Kms To Do 1877.96




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