12 Feb – I’m at 10%, Just a Shame


we are approximately at 12% of the year through, when I have just run 10% of my 2018km target distance.

However, with the Under Armour Year challenge, I remain in the top 7% – I feel a slightly competitive streak coming on, which will help keep me running.

Today’s run report  is short and sweet. I was in Stratford (East End, not Upon Avon) for a scan to ascertain the reason for a bout of WMAS. I then decided I could run home, which in principle I could, just not today after yesterday’s serious run.

The Stratford regeneration is amazing, but Google Maps doesn’t necessarily take you through the most salubrious areas, when directing you home. To be honest as soon as I spotted a path down to the Regents Canal, I was off and away. Besides which Google Maps requires a reasonably good GPS signal and I kept losing it.

The canalside was chocker with runners, coming at you, overtaking you, undertaking you and I suddenly realised it’s half term. There were canoeists on the water and a slightly sweaty middle aged runner on the bank. This SSMAR was swearing quietly as her fleece lined baggy trousers were chafing her legs, and at the point of my greatest discomfort  I was overtaken by a handy, bendy, twiglet runner. You know the sort, cellulite is a word they know from the dictionary, but have never experienced.

As she ran past, this SSMAR looked in utter disbelief, as twiglet runner was wearing a yoga strappy bra let top, with a bare midriff and knee length capris. It’s 5 degrees people… and she is running semi naked. Needless to say being overtaken by a semi naked runner in 5 degrees, was a tad off-putting, so I spluttered to a halt. Still it was over 8kms.


  1. I surpassed my 10% target today – fantastic
  2. I have chafed legs – uughh
  3. I have to run another 8km tomorrow – mmm


How Soon Is Now – The Smiths

Hymn – Ultravox

Batman – The Jam

Gold – Spandau Ballet

Running Bear – Stiff Little Fingers

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – The Killer

Wasted Life – Stiff Little Fingers

Get Up and Jump – Red Hot Chilis

Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve

Country – Paul Weller

Everything Cunts – Depeche Mode

On Top – The Killers

I’m Not Like Everybody Else – The Kinks

Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

Smithers-Jones – The Jam

The Girl Who Wanted To Be – The Manics

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Don’t You Remember – Adele

North Country Boy – Charlatans


Distance 8.46 kms

Time 1:10:06

Average Pace 8:16 (mins/km)

Elevation Gain 27 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done – 202.67 km

Kms to Do 1815.33






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