Feb 22 – Deficit Reduction

After yesterday’s mild disappointment on not meeting my daly target, I got up this morning somewhat later than planned, which meant my morning run was under time pressure.

I bombed out of the apartment, determined to do today’s target 7km and a bit more if I could. Although it was very chilly, I ran like the wind (well middle aged wind). And I made up yesterday’s shortfall. Hurrah.

No fuss, no dramas, no incidents. Face colour = salsa red


Do You Really Want To Hurt Me ? – Culture Club

Do You Remember The First Time? – Pulp

Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? – Paloma Faith

Doesn’t Make It Alright – Stiff Little Fingers

Doginabag – The Fratellis

Don’t – Elvis Presley

Don’t be Cruel – Elvis Presley

Don’t Forget Me – Red Hot Chilis

Don’t Forget To Dance – The Kinks

Don’t Go – Yazoo

Don’t Let Me be Misunderstood – Nina Simone

Don’t Let Me Down – The Beatles


Distance 7.73km

Time 46:57

Average Pace 6:04 (mins/km) – that’s more like it!

Elevation Gain – 50 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Done 275.8 kms

To Do 1742.20 kms

Team Rhomboid Torture Challenge

Only squats done today – oops epic failure, must do better tomorrow






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