30 Mar – Another Day In Paradise

It’s a UK Bank Holiday, Good Friday – or more to the point, Grey Friday and London seems empty, except for the locals and brave tourists who may have hoped for a pleasant Easter break in the capital.

No such luck for them, but the upside for me is the streets are empty, so no swerving, swearing or switching routes to avoid people traffic. During the holiday breaks in the capital, a lot of construction work continues – hence all the train line closures. I was just out of my door when I saw the Crossrail monster crane being manoeuvred towards the Moorgate site. From all the hi-vis men taking pics of this too, I am guessing this is not a usual occurrence.

I do however have an unusual occurrence of my own – I have a twinge –  not the usual WMAS , but I think it may be a proper problem. I’ve  Dr Googled which is always a bad thing, as invariably the worst possible diagnosis and prognosis  comes up. Sore leg = instant death, that kind of thing. Then I found a site that promised to diagnose more accurately your knee pain – but out of the 5 conditions they mention, mine doesn’t seem to fit any of them.

Using Idris Elba’s recent advert strap-line ‘carry on’, I gave it a go and ran this morning. Upshot just over 6km done – bizarrely the twinge doesn’t seem to happen as often when I’m running, but it does when I’m walking. I am still yelping/swearing from time to time, but not as much as last night. Therefore I am a bit perplexed, The NHS site says something along the lines of – don’t go to a GP, don’t go to hospital, don’t take painkillers, just wait and see.

So that is what I am going to do, I am going to wait and see what happens and not put in such long runs. My own strap-line is Carry On Running, But Not Yelping. Not awfully catchy – I sincerely doubt Elstree Studios will be re-launching the famous comedy series any day soon.


Darling Nikki – His Purple Highness and The Revolution

Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis

Born In The USA – The Boss

Enola Gay – OMD

Somebody Told Me – The Killers

Maid Of Orleans – OMD

This Girl – Kungs

Mercy – Duffy

Live and Die – OMD

Two Tribes – Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Girls On Film – Duran Duran

Planet Earth – Ditto

Boombastic – Shaggy


Distance 6.65km

Time 43:51

Average Pace 6:35

Elevation Gain 18 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run to Date 547.6

Kms to Run 1470.4

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