31 Mar – It’s A Numbers Game


The end of the first quarter of the year, JCR it’s time for a reckoning on the Alzheimer’s Challenge and here are the numbers:-

1 – friends Gerben and Jeanne who started my sponsorship rolling, with the very first donation

2 – hot on their heels, Neil and Angela who kept the impetus going

3, 4 and 5 – lovely Couch to 5K members who also sponsored me

6 – the daily average kms covered since the beginning of the year

7 –  days’ running  – my longest ‘running streak’ in February

8 – days running in Spain, five in Malaga covering 44km, three in Granada covering 31km

12 – individual sponsors so far – the last one being Rosalie from Mr JCR’s cycling club

14 – the first Monopoly run – 14km collecting Old Kent Road, Whitechapel, Bank, Jail & two train stations and funnily enough also my last collecting the ‘coloured’ squares of Mayfair & Park Lane

16 – my longest recorded run on 25 January

25 – Couch To 5K, the whole reason I am doing this challenge. It encouraged me to start running again and now look where I am

25 – yes again – we are 25% of the way through the year

27 – percentage kms run, therefore  I am 2% points ahead

36 – percentage of my fundraising target met to date

43 – kilometres in the bank/ahead of schedule as of today

59 – the numbers of runs I’ve completed

90 – days gone in this running year

168 – the average monthly kilometres, I must run

275  – running days to go

504 – my target kilometres for end of March

547 – my actual kilometres run to the end of March

741 –  £ in sponsorship received

846 – £ in sponsorship received with tax aid

1470 – the kilometres still to run

2018 – the target kilometres for the year and the money raised for Alzheimer’s Research

∞ Infinity and Beyond – the support from Mr JCR for me doing this

and finally, the immeasurable goodwill messages, support, encouragement and general cheering on from all friends and family based here, Holland, Italy, C25Kland, Facebook, USA, New Zealand





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