7 Apr – Overtaken by 4 cyclists

and a dog walker…

How embarrassing it is, when you are so slow that a dog walker overtakes you. Admittedly it was up the hill that kills  and it was near its top, and, and, and I’m trying to think of umpteen valid reasons why a runner could be overtaken by a dog walker.

To be frank, there aren’t any. I was a little tired after yesterday’s longer run and that’s my only excuse. This morning’s run was short and sweet, as I have some stuff to do and couldn’t really afford an hour plus away.

I’d like to describe it as a dash, but it was more of a stuttering jog, down the slope of hope, up the hill that kills with my embarrassing dog walker encounter, via Lovers’ Lane and back again down the slope of hope, onto the bendy, scary road which lives up to its reputation with some rather large thundering construction lorries passing me.

Spring has arrived, the cherry trees are just coming into flower and the Spring cyclists are popping up everywhere in their club colours. Today my overtakers were cycling in all-over Ferrari red, a fetching orange and green combo, royal blue with the Italian flag on it and finally ninja black.

I haven’t seen any of last year’s characters – I was out too late to see Anouska and Albino, nor have I seen Babbo Natale, but there’s plenty of time for that.


Upside Down – Paloma Faith

Marvin Gaye – Phuth and Traynor

Rio – Duran Duran

Let’s Go Crazy – His Purple Highness

Rumour Has It – Adele

Vienna (wice in succession)  – Ultravox

Einstein A Go-Go – Landscape

Mercy – Duffy

It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

Hungry Heart – The Boss

Jenny Was A Friend of Mine – The Killers

Sign Of The Times – Harry Styles

Crazy In Love – Beyonce


Distance 6.56km

Time 49:03

Average Pace 7:28 (see I was tired)

Elevation Gain 86 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Distance Run 593.5km

Distance to do 1424.5km

And a big thank you to David Coulter and David Mason of Islington Cycling Club for their very generous sponsorships of me in the challenge. To quote Tesco every little helps and it’s so nice that they believe in me to do it. Thanks gents.




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