2 June – Just Two Loops

The alarm went off at 6am – it’s the weekend for goodness sake and we are in Sasso Marconi with our good friends M&D. In fact, I correct myself – our very good friends M&D. Mr JCR is entering a Randonnee bike race thing in which he has 40 hours to ride 600km.

The ride started at 8 am this morning, and we were staying with M&D who very kindly agreed to host us both. Mr JCR for one night and me for two. He has two rings of a course to do – each 300km in length, and he will be sleeping rough tonight. So whilst I will enjoy good food, wine, company, bed and air conditioning, Mr JCR will be enjoying a saddle, some energy gels and a sleeping bag in a bus stop somewhere in Emilia Romagna. I know I got the better deal.

Today is the national holiday for the creation of the Republic and many places are closed, this gave me the perfect opportunity not to get side tracked with tourist stuff and to actually go out for a run after I’d dropped Mr JCR off at his venue.

After leaving Mr JCR in a group of an indecent amount of close-fitting lycra, shaved legs (both genders), with a lot of Italian banter, I made my way ‘home’. I was changed and ready to go out, not knowing the area that well. M therefore recommended I take a left turn to avoid the traffic and main roads and I found myself in a delightful country lane, with much needed shade. At just after 8.30am it was already 21 degrees and heating up nicely.

I too took two loops the first a larger loop of about 3km , through the lanes, and saw lovely planting and houses, although most had video-surveillance and ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ signs, so I am guessing this is a quite a posh area. They also had a Neighbourhood Watch checkpoint. This was a little wooden shed; it had net curtains at the windows and a sign telling you that they had the law of ‘order’ behind them to secure their rights. Evidently I didn’t pose much of a threat, as no-one stopped me from running.

First loop done and I aimed to do a smaller one, to bring me back to the first, but the road was blisteringly hot, as there was little/no shade. I hooked right into a mini industrial estate, which thankfully had both pavements and trees. This gave me a very welcome and much needed cool air boost, just over halfway through the run.

I then looped back to the country lane and this time I had company – two fellow podistas I’m guessing husband and wife, they were running tidily.  His running kit made me smile –  he looked like a boxer’s trainer, as he was wearing a white polo shirt, with a towel wrapped around his neck. I could almost hear the ‘Rocky’ theme tune as he went past me. Still, I’m sure that must make him hotter not cooler.

I finished at just over 7km, which was a lovely run and result in a new interesting area. At that point Mr JCR had cycled approximately 40km, on his way to his 600. My loops done – his still to be finished.


New York, New York – Sinatra and Bennett

YMCA – Village People

Dizzy – Vic Reeves and The Wonder Stuff

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us – Sparks

Sit Down – James

School’s Out – Alice Cooper

Jump Around – House Of Pain

Bat Out Of Hell – Meatloaf

Shake Your Tail Feather – The Blues Brothers

Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag – Pigbag

Summer Nights – Newton John and Travolta

Born To Run – The Boss

Can Can – Bad Manners

Ballroom Blitz – Sweet

Oops, Upside Your Head – The Gap Band

It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones


Distance 7.52km

Time 57:05

Average Pace 7:35

Elevation Gain 43 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 945.92

Kms to do 1072.08

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