16 June – The Countdown



8 Italian cyclists arrive in London on Friday morning

7 days worth of sight-seeing and cycling in London to be completed in just 4 days

6 people to drop off at various locations around London

5km run completed amongst the happy bedlam and in record time too

4 days of fun, food and laughter

3 excellent London hosts – Abi, Cliff and David, looking after Leo, Maddi, Sabri, Gio, Rodo, and Patri

2 sets of fish eaten by Gio, who really, really wanted to try English fish and chips – Cod first then the Plaice…

1 batch of scones made to test whether the Devon or Cornwall jam/cream method is better…


Ah yes  I had a music malfunction –  Abba were  on constant repeat – Mamma Mia, Money, Money, Money and Dancing Queen


Distance 5.12km

Time 25:49

Average Pace 5:02 – (I know amazing but I did sprint all the way and the distance was small!)

Elevation Gain 18 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 1039.88

Kms To Run 978.12


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