23 June – Who Is In My Manor?


Saturday Morning, all is quiet in the City. The perfect place to go for an undisturbed stroll or run in my case. I have company – who has that steel-coloured, famous bob haircut, and the slight stoop to her stance? Yup, it’s our PM apparently enjoying a quiet moment in the Barbican. Suspiciously no bodyguards or armed police nearby, and of course that’s because she was a ‘backalike’. Funny she seemed to have the PM’s walking style off-pat. From the front view, she didn’t look anything like Theresa May, so I guess her celebrity-double career potential is somewhat limited.

Today’s run was a forgiving 7k in my plan.

To start with, I aimed for the Guildhall, it’s fairly quiet still and there’s not many folk about. It’s a slowish start and the legs are a little rusty.

Hitting One New Change, the pace quickens and I start dodging the bargain hunters, already loaded down with shopping bags marked Sale. One lady had five bags already and it was only 11am!

Entering Holborn the people traffic calms down, but I see some very chic people exchanging air  kisses, wearing buttonholes and the ladies had fascinators. I’m guessing a wedding in the City was on the cards.

Right hand turn into Gray’s Inn Road, beautifully in shade and my pace is improving nicely, but my music goes all awry and Abba ends up on repeat. In fact whenever my music goes awry – it’s always Abba that ends up playing.

Exiting Gray’s Inn Road and onto Theobald Road, almost Bloomsbury/Hatton Garden, and I am overtaken by two longer-legged runners. Curses, at this point I really thought I was speeding along – quite clearly not that speedy.

Slowing down now, as I wasn’t really in the best of rhythm, I aimed towards Leather Lane, all the market stalls empty. I had to pretty much hurdle a kitchen. It was exactly like the Beverly Hillbillies cart but on the pavement – ovens, microwaves, sinks – you name it I ran and jumped over it.

About 2kms from home, I ended up back on High Holborn, chasing the shadows as it was getting rather sweaty. My face was screwed up because I had dust in my eyes and an older guy in a Panama hat exhorted me to carry on. I just waved and continued, I didn’t want to stop to have to explain that I was actually fine. Still it was nice of him to encourage me

My mouth  is now exceedingly dry, and I do need some more water/drink, but home is not so far away, so I grit my teeth and carry on.

Almost there back in One New Change, but the pavements are substantially busier now in just over 35 minutes since I started out. The sales seem to be attracting a lot of folk, and I do get bashed by the corners of carrier bags, as I trot past the City shoppers.

Yes, back in the City fringes and all is quiet. Run Done. Thanks PM*


Bye Bye Baby – Bay City Rollers

Pass The Dutchie – Musical Youth

Forever and Ever – Slik

ABC – The Jackson 5

Love Me For A Reason – The Osmonds

The Reflex – Duran Duran

When You Say Nothing At All – Boyzone

I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz II Men

What I Go To School For – Busted

Stay Another Day – East 17

Seasons In the Sun – Westlife

Boxerbeat – Jo Boxers

Quit Playing Games – Backstreet Boys

Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC

Step By Step – New Kids On The Block

Only When You Leave – Spandau Ballet

Fun, Fun, Fun – The Beach Boys


Distance 7.06km

Time 45:12

Average Pace 6:24

Elevation Gain 21 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 1084.44

Kms To Run 933.5

*In the interests of political neutrality, had I seen a Jeremy Corbyn lookalike, I would have done the same thing in the blog, only with his name instead of Theresa’s. I’d like to say I’d do the same with the LibDems, but I really  have no idea who their leader is… 🙂







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