14 July – Courtesy and Coffee

It’s scorchio once more and I have some running to do, in fact I have some catching up to do, as I am slightly behind target for July.

The plan was to get up early and run like yesterday to take advantage of the cooler weather. The reality – I mooched in bed and left the house a whole 2 hours later.  That was a bit stupid, so a hasty rearrangement of plans meant  I would take the Royston Vasey Ridgeway – a steep incline/descent to Royston Vasey – this cuts out about 2.5km on my ‘habit’ run via the bendy, scary road.

I made my usual water stop in the cafe and took my bottle from the wobbly fridge, the local guy reading the paper grunted as I reached behind him. Then amazingly the non-speaking cafe woman, actually spoke and to my great surprise it was to me. This is the first conversation we’ve had in 4 months of me dropping in 2/3 times a week for water. It wasn’t the most lengthy or interesting exchange, but this is a communication breakthrough. She said ‘It’s very hot today’ I replied in the affirmative. and then she said ‘That’ll be one euro’. As you can see, brief and to the point. By the end of the year I am hoping to get an ‘arrivederci’.

Carrying on towards War of The Worlds Lane, aha the cool breeze is not quite so cool two hours later and some of yesterday’s welcome shade had disappeared. But I did spy a little covered lane that may be worth exploring another time. Again a host of walkers and just one young male runner. We nodded, me more out of exhaustion, I reckon he was about 4 decades younger therefore he nodded out of coolness/respect to a wizened old lady.

I spotted in the distance a big solar panel farm – adding credence to my theory that this place is classic alien abduction territory. There’s even a power hook-up ready for the Martians should they choose to land.  Then, entering into the final, unrelentingly sunny plain pictured, I spotted the ‘Ciao’ sign. Proof positive, that the locals know something may be about to happen here, why else would you write Ciao on a road, if not to welcome aliens?

My water bottle was running dry, and so I made my way to the cafe, where I was given the cheery cappuccino – with what I think is the barista’s impression of what I look like… in truth my hair was scraped back into a Croydon facelift, I had sweat pouring down my face into my eyes and my running vest was soaked. Thank you Valentina for my pretty cappuccino, it made me smile.

Run done, not quite to target – but I did get out, which is a good thing.


Tigerfeet – Mud

Nowhere Fast, Eminem and Kehlani

The Rock Steady Crew – The Rock Steady Crew

Love In An Elevator – Aerosmith

Compression – Francesco Digilio

One Step Beyond – Prince Buster

Rest – Charlotte Gainsbourg

To Jan – Leonard Anderson

Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush

Marathon – Rush

Question – The Moody Blues

Advice For The Young At Heart – Tears For Fears

There Are More Questions Than Answers – Johnny Nash

Fools Rush In – Ricky Nelson

Tread Softly – Tiny Ruins and Hamish Kilgour

The Winner – Status Quo

Gotta Keep Smiling – Scouting For Girls

Smile – Gregory Porter

Snail – The Smashing Pumpkins


Distance 7.76 km

Time 59:53 including non speaking woman conversation

Average Pace 7:42

Elevation Gain 27 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 1190.32

Kms to Run 827.68


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