15 Sep – Stodgy Seven


IMG_6609Wednesday – rest day – lovely

Thursday – mega migraine – not so lovely – so no running

Friday – friends arriving, spent the day and night well, but perhaps not wisely – again no running

Saturday morning arrived, and I surveyed the evidence before me.  Aha I appear to have a slightly podgy and noisy tummy, due to the night before celebratory meal. This was a welcome do for our friends H&A who had come for a cycling weekend with Mr JCR and his Italian club. The celebration dinner was made up of the following courses:-

Risotto – Carbs

Pasta with cream and pancetta – Carbs, Fats & Protein

Pizza – various types – Carbs, Protein, Fats,Veggies

Chips – Carbs & Fats

More Chips – More Carbs and More Fat

Cake and Tiramisu – Carbs and Fat

Water, Wine, Beer, Limoncello, Liquorice Liquor and the local brew called Moretta (a combo of brandy, run and anise in hot espresso). Carbs…

As you can see a balanced diet, somewhat weighted towards the carbs. Which, if I was running a marathon in a couple of days, may have made a lot of sense, except I wasn’t. The sum total of all those carbs, weighed heavily both on conscience and definitely my stomach.

Saturday was planned to be 9km – 10km if I could. The portents weren’t good, the temperature had risen quite a bit and the incessant grumbling of my tum, suggested I perhaps wasn’t going to be securing any personal bests. Nonetheless it was a beautiful day; I decided to play it safe and run close to home on a small training loop, so if my tum decided to go nuclear, I wasn’t far from safety. I chose the boy band playlist, as a gentle and fun option to keep me going with cheesy songs.

Okay, the first kilometre pretty much set the scene for the remainder. Just under 8 minutes a km – and I could tell that every slice of pizza was now taking its toll. Still the first km is always slower, so I just gritted my teeth and got on with it. Down the Slope Of Hope and past the barking balcony house, no surprises today it was very quiet, and then up the Hill That Kills, and here I was quite surprised, although I felt sluggish, I didn’t actually have to stop to take a breather.

That gave me some impetus to continue, towards Lovers’ Lane, all was quiet and I got more into a running rhythm, at the second km stage, I managed just under 7 minutes a km. Not exactly troubling Mo Farah but an improvement. I pottered around to Mill Lane and made my way back down the Slope of Hope once more, on my second attempt at the hill that kills. She is a demanding hill when you’re not quite at your best and I did smile when PJ & Duncan came on with ‘Lets Get Ready To Rumble’ – I was rumbling very loudly – thank goodness there were no witnesses! As I made my way back up, she was definitely making it known that I needed to do some hill training.

At the top, I was given a welcome fillip when a local dog walker wished me good morning and a happy run. I’d managed to sustain a 7 minutes 15 seconds pace, which is pretty poor for me, but considering last night’s indulgence on food, I considered it was reasonable. At the 6km mark, I decided that 7km would be far enough, to allow for what felt like 3kg of carbs being carried in my middle. There is something self fulfilling about thinking you’re getting slower and deciding to stop – my final km was just under 8 minutes again. The power of the brain over the legs really showed.

Not my best run, but I was pleased I actually stuck at it and in the end I managed 7.23km, especially as it included some hill work.

A bit of a stodgy seven kilometres, not the nifty nine or terrific ten I had planned, but then to alter the well known adage, no plan ever survives the carbohydrate enemy.


A Little Bit More – 911

ABC – The Jackson 5

You Raise Me Up – Westlife

Stand And Deliver – Adam And The Ants

When You Say Nothing At All – Boyzone

I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz II Men

Stay Another Day – East 17

A Million Love Songs, It Only Takes A Minute, Shine – Take That

Shang – A -Lang – Bay City Rollers

Boxerbeat – Joe Boxers

Everybody, Quit Playing Games – Backstreet Boys

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble – PJ and Duncan

The Chauffeur – Duran Duran

Good Vibrations, Fun, Fun, Fun – The Beach Boys

Mama Do The Hump – The Rizzle Kicks

Everbody In Love – JLS


Distance 7.23km

Time 53:21

Average Pace 7:23

Elevation Gain – 55 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 1527.10

Kms To Do 490.90













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