16 Sep – I Will Always Love



IMG_1644shoe, as Whitney Houston never sang, but maybe she missed a trick?

This was more or less the closing anthem to our Saturday night out at an osteria in Gradara, with Mr JCR’s cycling club buddies from London H&A, and his cycling club amici in Italy.

The evening hadn’t quite turned out as planned. The venue had been chosen because it had been used previously and all our Italian friends thought it would be a fab place to entertain H&A. Evidently the place had changed hands since they were last there.

Fab food last time – this time it was meh and not much of it. Good music – well the group was playing old Romagnolo folk music when we arrived. It did get better but when the lead singer lost his place on his karaoke screen and didn’t know the words to Mambo Number 5, well I guess that tells you all you need to know. The one bright spot was the female vocalist who could really carry a tune (she seemed not to need the karaoke prompt) and when she started on Whitney’s anthem, well what could go wrong? Her singing was beautiful but for some reason she thought the title was ‘I will always love shoe’ or maybe it was shoo, or choux. It did make us giggle.

Next morning Mr JCR, H&A, were up and out before I’d stirred, but to make sure that I not only loved my shoes but actually used them, I’d set up my kit the night before, so no excuses not to get moving.

In plan a 10km, it didn’t have to be fast, just done. I took my Brooks trainers out for a spin. It’s a gorgeous day, not too hot, a bit of a breeze and I decided to do some hill work too. Out down the Slope of Hope and up to the Hill that Kills, it was nice, but not that many folk around. Up to Lovers’ Lane and I think I hear a tinkling sound following me. I look around and see nothing, but again I hear the noise. I put it down to WMAS and continue on, I do my customary loop of Villa Bali,  and then am stopped by a lady with a dog ‘ Have you seen my dog?’ she asked me – I was somewhat confused, as she had her dog with her.

She explained she had another dog who had gone AWOL, I asked if that dog had a bell on its collar and she said yes, so I pointed out where I’d heard the noise. Not WMAS after all, just a dog running away from its owner. Thank goodness for that, I was almost adding another problem to the list of middle-aged runner’s afflictions.

I did a couple more of the Slope/Hill/Lovers Lane loops and made my way down to Laundry Lane. The acorns are starting to fall and it can be a bit slippy underfoot if you don’t watch where you’re going, but my Brooks trainers are sturdy creatures; they rarely slip and slide. However, there is one hazard at this time of year, and that’s the fruit above. I don’t know what they are, but they fall from a great height, are quite heavy and JCR hand sized, and when they hit the ground they are quite mushy underfoot too.  My trusty Brooks took me to the 10km limit, avoiding missing dogs and falling fruit dangers. To quote the singer on Saturday night:-

Dear Brooks Trainers ‘ I will always love shoe’ – JCR.


Rumour Has It – Adele

Back to Black, Rehab – Amy Winehouse

Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles

Help Me Rhonda, Barbara Ann – The Beach Boys

Crazy in Love – Beyoncé

Hot In The City, Mony, Mony – Billy Idol

Girls & Boys, Tracy Jacks, Parklife – Blur

Born To Run (twice), Hungry Heart, Dancing In The Dark, Born In The USA, Glory Days – The Boss

Let’s Stick Together, Tokyo Joe – Bryan Ferry

Mulder and Scully – Catatonia

Fuck You – Cee Lo Green

London Calling, Rock The Casbah – The Clash


Distance 10.13km

Time 1:15:07

Average Pace 7:24

Elevation Gain 109 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 1537.23

Kms To Run 480.77






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