22 Sep – Beating Mr JCR


The alarm has gone, it is a Saturday morning and for the first time in years I have actually beaten Mr JCR out of bed. Well strictly speaking I didn’t, as he made the welcome mug of tea, but I actually left the house for a run before he’d made any proper moves. This merits a mention as it happens almost as often as solar eclipse.

I was on a time limit, I had more or less one hour to get in a run. We had a schedule to meet, and my running needed to be accommodated. I pootled out and made my way to the usual route. Being a Saturday, all was quiet save for the barking balcony house, where both dogs managed as usual to make me leap in the air. I don’t actually know how they manage it. I understand they have dog hearing and can hear my approach, not that the wheezing of a middle aged runner is undetectable to the human or dog ear. But it is their impeccable timing that gets me every time, just when I think I’ve got past them without a caterwaul, then comes the orchestrated barking in two different pitches, so if the smaller yap doesn’t make me leap then the larger, much louder bark does. Maybe they are the canine version of Jackass or similar and I am being secretly filmed for dog viewing pleasure

I made my way up the Hill That Kills, and it wasn’t the hill that could have damaged me it was another anonymous Punto careering around the corners. Mr JCR and I have this debate about the safest way to run – facing the traffic so you can see your assailant, or running with the traffic so you are blissfully unaware. I prefer seeing my would be assailant then if they do manage to hit me, they get a full blown Paddington stare before I hit the deck. The Punto had long since gone when the Paddington stare crossed my face,  and I don’t know if they heard me swear at them in my choicest Italian. Along to Lovers’ Lane – it is early and not even the kiosk man is around. I decide to head back to Mill Lane and am witnessed by a lady chef sitting outside her kitchen looking somewhat bemused at my efforts.

Onto the Slope of Hope once more towards Argo’s Loop and I cause a cacophony of barking from the beagle kennels, I head onto Laundry Lane for a quite kick back towards the chapel, do a u turn and complete another 3kms, bringing my total up to 8km.

It was a very nice, calm, gentle run – except for the psychopathic Punto driver, it was a glorious pootle, in a great temperature. I arrived home 5 minutes before my allotted ‘must get back’ time and was chuffed with my efforts.


Walking With Mr Wheeze – Madness

Slow Down – The Jam

Walking Down Your Street – The Bangles

I Am The Walrus – The Beatles

Get Dancin’ – Disco Tex And His Sex-O-Lettes

Electric Barbarella/The Reflex/All She Wants Is/Save A Prayer – Duran Duran

Live and Die/Joan of Arc – OMD

It’s Raining Men (twice) – The Weather Girls

She Sells Sanctuary  – The Cult

Personal Jesus/See You – Depeche Mode

Don’t You Want Me – Human League


Distance – 8.01km

Time 57:50

Average Pace 7:12

Elevation Gain – 67 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 1555.39

Kms to Do 462.61




2 thoughts on “22 Sep – Beating Mr JCR

  • Super run Jan, I like giving out Paddington stares too where they’re deserved and running towards the assailant is definitely my choice, I’d much rather get a chance to dive into the nearest hedge!!! You were already into a winner beating Mr JCR so it was going to be a good run right from the start…brilliant x


    • Thanks Bev, sorry for delay – been on hols in Sorrento/Naples. I don’t know if Italians realise I’m giving them the famous Paddington stares though! Thanks for the comment… X


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