6 Oct – Eight Ferraris


on the country lanes.

Today, Autumn decided to arrive. Yesterday we had sunshine and 20+ degrees, today’s it’s skirting 14 and misty, which has put paid to my ideas of running in shorts. Winter running gear is taking its place.

Having decided to reorder my day and do things differently (according to Mr JCR, I just couldn’t be arsed getting up) I wombled out shopping, taking the bendy, scary road to fish shop village.

On my approach, I heard a large throaty rumble and a glorious procession of Ferraris went past, low slung, sleek, fast and sporty, I counted each one as they went past and there were eight.  Some of the villagers applauded and said brava/bella – the love of the home-grown sports car is alive and well in Le Marche. I’m always looking for some inspiration or focus for my runs and a Ferrari per km was a perfect target for me.

Meeting Mr JCR after his cycle ride, I donned my dayglo and set out. My hips are a bit achey and I wasn’t too sure I’d be hitting the 8km, but as I warmed up they improved. I did a loop of the Slope of Hope, the Hill That Kills, Lovers’Lane, Mill Lane and back to the house. There I saw a large black Mitsubishi, who appeared to be stalking me. As I ran up the hill he stopped driving and watched, when I turned back he crawled to the gates of our house. I crossed the road – then he crawled behind me and turned off into a cutting. I turned back to take a look and he stopped his manoeuvre and continued along a track. Curiouser and curiouser – I think he was probably lost because the track he was taking would lead him to a closed restaurant.

I did half of Mill Lane and turned back to Argo’s Loop, where I caused mayhem running past the beagle kennels and the house with the horrid, happy, barking, manic dogs. At this stage I’d done about 5km and the hips seemed a little less sticky. I continued to Laundry Lane and saw the lovely trees turning colour for Autumn and then my running rhythm appeared and I had a glorious 4km run. It wasn’t particularly fast, but I wasn’t aiming for speed – the Ferraris had done that this morning. This old banger was just happy to have met her 8 Ferrari target, because I’ve just snuck over the 1600km mark.


Joan of Arc, Live and Die – OMD

The Reflex, Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran

Marvin Gaye – Puth and Trainor

Purple Rain – His Purple Highness

All These Things, That I’ve Done, Andy You’re A Star, Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers

Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty

Rock the Casbah – The Clash

World In Motion – New Order

Rain On Your Parade – Duffy

Disco 2000 – Pulp

Blasphemous Rumours, Dreaming of Me – Depeche Mode

Avalon – Roxy Music


Distance 9.32km

Time 1:08:27

Average Pace 7:20

Elevation Gain 89 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 1602.45 – yay!

Kms to Run 415.55



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