10 Oct – Who Knew?


that Babbo Natale is actually a running coach?

Not me for sure, I saw him on my recovery run today, and not only was he on his moped, but he was shadowing a lady runner as she did some circuits. All this time, he’s been leading a double life – delivering presents at Christmas and a running coach for the rest of the year.

But I am somewhat perplexed – anyone who has seen my progress in running, would see I am probably in need of some coaching too and he has kept schtum. The one thing I can say is that I was running marginally faster than the other lady, although I was on the 4km mark and nicely warmed up, whereas she looked as though she’d just started. Maybe I should put personal coaching from Babbo Natale on my Christmas list.

Today’s route took me up Mill Lane, Lovers’ Lane and a sleepy Villa Bali where a guy was sunbathing on the grass  – rather him than me – there’s lots of biting insects around at this time of year. I’m nursing bites received through my lycra!

At the 3km mark I took a detour to Argo’s loop and managed to sneak past the beagle kennels, without them stirring and then past the horrid yappy dog house, where I got past and they started barking once I’d gone. Onto Laundry Lane and there was Babbo Natale doing his secretive running coaching. He waved and smiled as I ran past in the other direction. After 0.5km I looped back and saw him once more, and he said Ciao. Shortly after my 5km target was reached. Recovery run done. Now Babbo Natale – what did you think of my technique and stride length?



Une Nuit A Paris – 10cc

Is This The Way To Amarillo – Tony Christie

London Calling – The Clash

Maid of Orleans – OMD

Belfast Child – Simple Minds

California Dreamin’ – Mamas and Papas

Avalon – Roxy Music

Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel

San Francisco – Scott Mackenzie

Go Wild In The Country – Bow Wow Wow

Downtown – Petula Clark

Africa – Toto


Distance 5.33km

Time 37:30

Average Pace 7:02

Elevation Gain 35 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 1629.31

Kms To Run 388.69


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