19 Nov – Wake Me Up Before A MoJo

Still on the hunt for this missing mojo. After a very restful and indulgent Sunday with our friends M, I and E, together with P, L J and their newest family member J2, I did wonder whether I’d be able to go out as I’ve learnt to my cost that hangover running is never to be recommended.

But great joy, no hangover, even though I indulged in bubbles, white and red wine yesterday. With this astoundingly good news I set out on the look for this mojo, which is remaining out of sight for my running mate in Yorkshire.

I decided that I’d do City running, but changed my mind and veered towards South Bank. The wobbly bridge was a bit scary, wet trainers on a wet metal bridge didn’t make me that stable, so I decided to hang onto the outside edge. South Bank on a cold wet Monday morning was quite a joy, mainly because not so many tourists are out and about and you can run without ninja dodging exploits. I arrived at the South Bank fake German market, which is a bit tragic in my opinion. Mainly fast food and although they had twinkly lights, I wasn’t convinced that a mojo would hang out there. Too cold, too wet and just nowhere near jolly enough.

Obviously, I had to continue and then the very cold rain and wind arrived – it was just on the 5km mark and I was sorely tempted to give in and go home. I took shelter in an underpass to avoid the rain, it wasn’t that pleasant and stank of a well known human substance. No mojo worth her salt would stay there, so on I trotted, past Westminster bridge and onto Lambeth.

I had to loop back at this point, because I was getting cool, past Parliament Square and the media circus, presumably waiting for another ‘no-news’ up date on Brexit. There were anti-Brexit protesters waving EU flags around – this is when I needed ninja manoeuvres. Random swinging of your flag is quite problematical for a middle aged runner hunting a mojo, to avoid. I didn’t think the mojo would be there, with the nasty weather she’d be searching for a giggle, or maybe something pretty to lighten the mood. Where could I go, that the mojo may have visited? Then inspiration struck, along Fleet Street is the publisher for the Beano comic, including the Dennis the Menace Fan Club, (just in case anyone fancies joining up). There I saw the picture of Plug – he made me smile on a cold, wet day. Maybe our missing mojo, had a smile before she continued  on her journey back to Yorkshire. I have a feeling she may have had enough of the sights of London, but I can’t tell for sure , the mojo owner has to keep me informed…

I used the Country and Places playlist, to give me some ‘mojo finding’ inspiration, but my runs are going to be very long if she’s hanging out in any of the following destinations


Une Nuit A Paris – 10cc

Amarillo – Tony Christie

London Calling – The Clash

Maid of Orleans – OMD

Strawberry Fields Forever -The Beatles

Penny Lane -The Beatles

Tokyo Joe – Bryan Ferry  (this lasted one km, as Spotify was being tetchy)

Boston Tea Party – SAHB

Massachussetts – Bee Gees (another long playing one about one km and a half)

California Dreamin’  – Mamas and Papas

Big In Japan – Alphaville

Wonderful World – Sam Cooke

Streets of Philadelphia – The Boss

Midnight Train To Georgia – Gladys Knight and The Pips


Distance 11. 10

Time 1:16:53

Average Pace 6:55

Elevation Gain 91metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 1873.77

Kms To Run 144.23

4 thoughts on “19 Nov – Wake Me Up Before A MoJo

    • Hi SuzyKK – she is my running twin and the mojo hunting runs will hopefully kick her mojo’s butt back to Yorkshire soonish! She’s such a big inspiration to many runners on C25K – her posts always get loads of attention. If goodwill from a bunch of runners can help, then I think she’ll be plodding those Yorkshire lanes soon. I do hope so!


  • Hi Jan, I am loving your mojo quest, I think it’s fed beginning to work, I have my running kit on this morning & haven’t been put off by the horrid wind & rain yet…but I am just going to go over to the park & see how it feels…maybe my mojo has spilt in two…I would find it hard to hear myself away from the sights of London if I were her!! I received a fabulous present through the post yesterday, my running postman thought it was yet another box of new trainers!! But, when opened it, in amongst the fairy dust…there layeth a lovely bottle of the most special olive oil all the way from my running twin & I was beaming!! Thank you so much Jan, I can’t wait to taste it!! It has def made my day, if not my year! Wow! So I than had a look on your website & read all about my twin and what a lovely story?! I think a price of mojo must’ve been hiding in there too, although I didn’t see it, I am feeling in a better frame if mind this morning…and with the out pouring of wishes, love & hugs on HU how couk I not?? Let’s see how it goes today and how much of my mojo is still enjoying a life elsewhere!! Thank you Jan xxxxx

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  • Dear twin – your mojo is definitely closer to you in Yorkshire than here in London, I looked at the rain and wind this morning and thought ‘eff that’. But I could be tempted later. I am glad that amongst the mojo glitter you found a bottle to keep you going, oiling your path maybe.

    Presents don’t have prices, nor does our olive oil – it goes to friends and family only. As my twin you’re entitled, as my running buddy, you’re entitled and as someone in need of a pick me up, you’re definitely definitely entitled.

    I will be doing the weekly fish challenge later – if the weather improves – I’ll see if your mojo is anywhere near my fish shop, I don’t think so, but there is a rather lovely girly shop just up the way, which does lots of nice stuff, so maybe she’s hiding there?

    Much much love and hugs to you



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