21 Nov – Superheroes

Maybe a mojo visited here, it’s pretty enough…

Yesterday I was a wimp, I could have gone for a run, but looked at the very wet rain and the very windy wind and decided I was going to be a very wimpy wimp.

Today wimpdom is not on the cards. I have a run to do, not a big one, but I mustn’t get into the habit of wimping out on a run, not when the prize of 2018km is within touching distance.

Mr JCR was off out to his Italian lesson, I was teaching myself duvet management – basically snuggling down and imagining the run will do itself. After an hour of duvet management, it didn’t seem as though the run was happening, so I put on my trainers and got out in the wintery sun of London.

It had to be a shortish run as we were visiting The Alzheimer’s Research facility at UCL London, to get an update on their research programme. I managed a mini-loop of just over 7kms, through the City and up towards Holborn. The challenge was to run some virtual kms for my running mentor Ju-Ju who is still crocked and whilst doing that see if I could find my running mate’s missing mojo. Adding in the fact that I needed to buy some food too, this was an all-singing and all-dancing, multi-tasking run.

The superhero element didn’t occur in my run, in fact today’s was just a run, I clocked up the kms, bought the food, but didn’t find any sign of a mojo. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad though. The superhero bit came later. We assembled at UCL in Gower Street and met with the scientists headed up by Dr Paul Whiting. There we learnt about the progress being made to date and their plans for the future. It was fascinating, encouraging and depressing all at the same time.

In summary, they are ‘copying’ the Cancer Research UK’s model of ‘Centres of Research Excellence’. Given the pharma industry have been pulling back in this area of research, they are focussing on the front end of the research piece, trying to identify suitable areas of focus, including but not limited to synapse messaging protection/mending. (There was lots of other stuff, but frankly my science and memory recall are both far too poor to adequately describe their magic here!) 

Paul mentioned that in his opinion, finding a cure is probably not possible but delaying the onset and effects, probably is. This is where the depressing bit came in, realistically we are looking at maybe 50 years. And that is with all of today’s great supercomputing powers, and the fantastically able students and scientists working on this thorny problem. In the lab tour, we saw some of their kit, 3-D modelling at the nano level as one example. They are focussing on creating new molecules, which will form critical parts of the drugs. These can then be patented and future revenues poured back into the research. They run with a lot of serious equipment that costs many thousands of pounds – and who knew there was an eBay for scientists?

My big takeout is that these scientists are absolute superheroes, they have brains I can’t even imagine and are focussing them on helping to cure one of society’s biggest threats to our ageing population.  But 50 years…., that means for the majority of the lab team working there, that a ‘cure’ probably won’t be around for them, if any are so unlucky as to get Alzheimer’s  or similar related conditions.

I am determined however to end this post on a high –  we met other invitees who have donated to Alzheimer’s, run dementia workshops etc., and there is a great sense of determination from the research teams. I started the day as a wimp under the duvet, avoiding the weather but then met some superheroes, real-life superheroes who are not wimping out on one of life’s toughest challenges. They have the brains, and I can bring the brawn into my running, to help raise as much cash as possible. On that note, a big vote of thanks to our friend M who has very generously added to the sponsorship pot today. It really brings it home, having seen the research.

And to my running mate (mojoless)  – after the tour we made our way back home and these two lovely places were en route pic above and below. I have a feeling the mojo may well have passed this way…


Breakfast In America – Supertramp

Belfast Child – Simple Minds

Going Down To Liverpool – The Bangles

Black Eyed Boy – Texas

Grease – Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

Africa – Toto

New York Minute – Don Henley

San Francisco – Scott MacKenzie

Xanadu – Olivia Newton John

Downtown – Petula Clark

Go Wild In The Country – Bow Wow Wow

Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel

Vienna – Ultravox

Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits

Lost In France – Bonnie Tyler



Time 50:38

Average Pace 6:56

Elevation Gain 27 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 1881.07

Kms To Run 136.93

8 thoughts on “21 Nov – Superheroes

  • Duvet management, that sounds like a job I’d like at the moment, you did right to wimp out yesterday Jan, I felt like it I ran with Mo but not with Jo…so my heart was only half in it…I got soaked to the skin, my cheeks got a proper lashing with the wind firing the rain at my face, my thighs were numb …it was a right miserable run, but I got out & felt a teeny bit better for going, well, once I’d thawed out in the shower!!
    50 years? Wow…but you’re right those scientists are superheros and you too are a superhero, they need people like you almost as much you need people like them xxx
    Looking at your pictures I am sure Jo is somewhere around there, this is possibly the worst time for mojos to o missing, well mine anyway, because all this glitter, sparkle & twinkly lights are a far more attractive place to hang out!! xxxx


    • Hi Bev, a rest day again tomorrow, because it is my wedding anniversary and Mr JCR said I deserved a rest!!! But your run sounds horrible and that makes you truly heroic facing up to it, especially with a missing ‘jo’. I promise I am back on the case on Friday – I’m thinking Marylebone is twinkly usually. BTW my all time treat for showering when I’ve met my target kms is Laura Mercier Creme brûlée body wash. Horrendously expensive, so it is my treat when and only when I meet my target kms on each run. You smell like creme brûlée afterwards which in my case is better than eating it… But so far I’ve used one full bottle in 2018. Definitely one to try if you can persuade Daddycav to stump up for Christmas… Love JCRXXX

      Liked by 1 person

      • Happy happy anniversary to you both, and I agree with Mr Jcr or Ccc (!) you def do deserve a treat and rest day so a meal out & a few drinks…so how many years are you celebrating because I want to clink a glass to you my lovely friend xxx I know you are on the case, you are my superhero, you are def on a ‘Jo’ mission…if ever you need a superhero on any of your runs I am putting myself forward before any one else, so please consider me…..Daddycav likes me to smell nice he says (but I think he secretly like the bathroom to smell nice!!) I like Corres Pear shower gel, that’s a bit of a treat for me, although I’ve been a bit liberal with it as I found some ‘sales’ bottles in Debenhams when I was in there last, even the sales assistants were asking questions!! Then decleor gradual tan body lotion…ooooo, it’s a proper pamper!! I’m.going to look for Laura Mercier stuff though, that sounds like a proper treat!! I’m posting on.HU about my rubbish runs…I so want to get my mojo back together so I can enjoy my runs, I mightgo out in the morning…prob won’t post in HU coz I don’t want folk.to get bored!! Looking forward to your next run though xxx Thank you my inspiration xxx

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  • Hi Bev, 15 years marriage and exactly 25 years of living together. Posh lunch at Gordon Ramsay no less at 2.15 tomorrow… The Decleor sounds good – does it work without streaks?, because my ‘proper’ tan is fading rapidly and now am changing from golden brown to golden yellow…, so am in need of some superhero tanning help. I go a glorious shade of grey in winter. But not 50 shades though!!!! Take care my dear friend, this mo jo is being hunted down, and who am I gonna call when I need her . that’s Cavbuster!


  • As I write this you’re probably just sitting down for your very posh ‘Gordon Ramsay’, I hope you have a lovely time ☺
    Yes, the decleor is lovely…and smells delicious, I would highly recommend it to bring back that lovely, Italian grown tan!!
    Thank you Jan, my friend…Cavbuster at your service anytime xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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