24 Dec – Bubbling Along

It is 7am, (I know- I never, ever see that time of day). The alarm has gone and I have butterflies, my stomach is grumbling and rumbling. I feel nervous – and why? 

Because, today is my final ‘2018kms in 2018’ day. When I decided on the challenge over a year ago now,  I hadn’t really worked out what doing all this running would mean and now I am in touching distance. Just a gentle 5kms to do today, and I am so lucky that one of my C25K friends is leaving home, hearth and husband to run with me on my final run. We’ve bonded over 80s music, and Portugese Custard Tarts and Gill is joining me today for the last leg. With us in spirit and running around the UK are:-

  • Mummycav 
  • HelenWheels
  • Tartan Cat
  • Suzy KK
  • IgaT
  • Mimirossi
  • Tailchaser

Mr JCR and I walk to the park, the Strand is quiet  and arriving at the park we see in the distance a woman stripping off. And who might that be? Well of course it’s Gill – only stripping down to running tights I hasten to add. We virtually met on the C25K forum and in real life met in the Barbican and I’m chuffed to call her my friend.  

There’s a vague possibility of a fellow runner from the C25K Beyonders Group turning up, so we loiter around looking slightly suspicious. Then we see group of three runners hanging around nearby – I don’t recognise any of them. Wondering on the protocol for randomly accosting strangers in a park, I am very relieved when they start running on their own. I don’t think I’d be very good at blind dates…

We start off running, naked, so I can hear my own huffing and puffing, clearly running with Gill has set my speedier button as we manage one km in 5:45 pace – unheard of for me, but not for Gill who is a right speedy Gonzales.  Realising I’m going too fast, I turn down the dial a little, and we make our way around the park, dodging the occasional wayward tourist, but it’s reasonably quiet – the geese, pigeons, ducks and squirrels are attracting way more attention than us two. At the halfway stage, a quick pitstop to dump more clothing and to meet Mike – one of my supporters and a friend of Mr JCR, he’s come to see us do the 5km. And we’re off onto the second lap, I quite like running with company – I didn’t know that before. And we have a gentle pootle around the park, we’re on to the home straight, I check my phone and yes the magic 5kms has been done, with a C25Ker who was a supporter for me in the good old Mr Smooth (Michael Johnson) days and has stayed the course over the year.

Mr JCR takes celebratory pics and opens the bubbles, we all toast a job well done. Gill in the meantime has been bottling up the desire to tell the world what I’ve just done… When a cycling policeman comes past, looking at 4 of us necking champagne, she tells him about the challenge. He offers me congratulations and takes a chocolate (we decided against offering some bubbles!). It was only after he’d gone when we thought that drinking alcohol may well be prohibited in a Royal Park – oops.

What a brilliant Christmas Eve run, making my distance, running with C25K friends in real life and virtually. It doesn’t get much better – oh yes it does, Mr JCR treated me to cooked breakfast on the way home.

And to all my C25K buddies who ran with me virtually today, I loved the fact that from Yorkshire to Berkshire and beyond my friends were out there, even when mojos have been very difficult to find. Thank you all.

A proper rollcall of honour will follow, as I’ve had even more donations and have really nicely exceeded the target set and now for some more bubbles.


Just my huffing and puffing


Distance 5.11km and that’s all that matters

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 2018.00

Kms To Run 0

10 thoughts on “24 Dec – Bubbling Along

  • Fantastic Jan, what an incredible achievement. I’ve seen you drag yourself out of bed to run even when you didn’t feel like it. Your dedication to the cause has been inspirational. One tip, next time you take on a challenge, do the maths first before announcing to the world! Thanks to the generosity of friends, family and the Couch to 5k community you have raised £2,188.18 (plus Gift Aid) so far. All for Alzheimer’s research. Your dad would be proud.

    Let’s go celebrate tonight.
    Mr. JCR.

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  • This is brilliant Jan…and how fab of Gill to join you…I have running envy!!! Massive congratulations to you..I know what tbis means to you…my glass was raised to you too xxxx


    • Oh how lovely – Razouski and I really enjoyed the bubbles, even though we were probably breaking Royal Park rules. Thanks so much for your support all through the year, I’m itching to run again – I think I have restless legs syndrome now – only it’s not at bedtime 😉
      It was so nice that you ran in Berkshire too, it did feel like a team effort on Christmas Eve. Enjoy the rest of the break and I hope you have a lovely New Year


  • That was such a great run and brilliant start to my Christmas celebrations. Thanks to Colincanride for providing the champers, and in glass flutes too.
    Enjoy your rest Jan and I shall look forward to seeing you for a well earned Portuguese Custard Tart in the new year.
    (Still can’t believe we saw flamingos on our run… and you were so matter of fact about them. I obviously need to run in the big city more often.)


    • Hi Gill, it was such a lovely way to end the challenge, with a relaxed friendly run and flamingos too… (Colincanride booked them!!!) I think the old legs will have to get an airing tomorrow, it just seems too weird to keep looking in my running kit drawer and see it full of pristine gear. I’m sure it whispers when I go past.
      Looking forward to the PCT date in the New Year – hope your Christmas Day was lovely. We went for a 10km walk and then ate and drank ourselves full to busting. Much love JCR XX


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