26 Dec – Belated Thank Yous

Mr Smooth’s Date Reminder

Mr Smooth sent me his usual date reminder today ‘Get your trainers on and run’ and I ignored him. I ignored the man with the golden spikes. This is my 2 week sabbatical from running, although I do have itchy feet, so it may be a little shorter than a fortnight.

But a day without running gives me an opportunity to thank all those friends who donated to my cause once the breaking news of my challenge completion had been made public by Mr JCR.

So a great big thank you and hug to

Gabi and Carl and Molly, who gave me a second ‘you’ve done it’ donation

Bernadette and Gerard, donating and cheering me on from afar

Neil and Angela, another donation to follow their first gesture of faith from January last

Austin and Chris who’ve followed my ups and downs in sunny Oz

Tailchaser from the C25K Forum, which has been my running bedrock

and Maan, who has been recovering from a horrid London street incident

Thank you one and all, every penny helps towards the research, and your generosity has been magnificent.

Today’s Playlist

Nothing, just joyous peace and quiet


Distance – 10 metres from apartment to the bins – see how exciting and metropolitan a Boxing Day run can be…

Time – well I didn’t get up before 11am that’s for sure

Average Pace – 2 coffees

Elevation Gain – 0 – I took the lift

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