29 Jan – JCR Is On The Road Again


Strictly speaking, this is not exactly true, but the Physio has confirmed I can try a little run, no more than 25% of my usual distance and I must rest for 24 hours minimum afterwards.

This coupled with Mr JCR acting as a muscly stretching person on my unwilling legs and an introductory course of Pilates, is supposedly going to get me back to normal. Hurrah. (I’m trying to forget the squats instructions…)

As to the dodgy shoulder, that’s a longer game, Mert and Victor and Raffaella are going to continue to see me weekly for at least a couple of months to come. As I don’t run with my shoulder, that’s a little less of an issue, although the injury is more severe, but it is going to curtail any thoughts of boxing for a while.

A little ray of sunshine pierced through the injury gloom, and the blooming flowers in the park on the way home, made me feel quite optimistic.

From a Couch to 5K member, to a 2000km runner, I am now back to doing just 2kms, but it’s 2kms more than I’ve been able to do for almost four weeks now.

If the Beast from the East is returning for me, I’m ready and waiting – trainers are on standby.




5 thoughts on “29 Jan – JCR Is On The Road Again

  • Those flowers are beautiful, the snow drops in my garden always make me smile, they’re such brave little flowers, they always show their little heads even though the weather is so unforgiving for them…but they manage to survive with their strong nature and strength to push through whatever is thrown at them…a bit like you really, you will get through this blip, your strength of character and determination will get you through just like it had you doing 2000kms so little steps at a time, listen to your body and the experts & you’ll be back to normal running distances before you know it…we’re all behind you and those long runs will be waiting for you just outside your door xxxx


    • Thanks Bev, aren’t they pretty I don’t enough about flowers to know what they are, but they’re pink and I like pink! it was so nice when the Physio said I could try a run. That’s my plan to try and see how my dodgy hip feels afterwards…you’re so right baby steps will get me back safely. And that’s what I want. Thanks for the message XXX


    • Hi Bev – well so this is horrid – still no running, I’m banned, still on the physio couch and had gastric flu… No running, hence no writing. I’ve lurked a bit but feeling sorry for myself… Anyway I am now getting my arse into gear and hoping desperately for an improvement in my hip. Did weird crab squat type movements today. And back to Italia over the weekend…How are you. I’ve seen some of your runs, you’re doing blooming well – if you see a fixed hip can you send it home to me?


    • Hi Bevelled. Well it’s been a long while – 2019 was a complete write off and my beloved pops died on 30th December. It’s been horrendous and his last days aren’t something I care to recall. I just lost all sight of everything I’d done – poor hips and all manner of illnesses beset me last year. But I’ve started again. Sorry for radio silence – but I was in the depths and only now am beginning to setback to normal. Take care JCR XXX


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