15 Feb – Strike A Pose…

Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 13.14.48
From geek.com, where more Shrek delights await. Parental Advisory: this site contains images not suitable for children, and I’m not sure they’re any better for adults.

Another day passes, and yet another day without a run (sigh). The upside is though is that Mr JCR and I are in Arnhem for a Winter Wonderland and Fairytale birthday party.

The downside is that one of the friends of our friends is threatening to turn up as a naked Shrek. Green and with dangly bits, it doesn’t bear thinking about, especially for an outdoor barbecue in February. In case your imagination doesn’t stretch that far, here is a pic, so you can enjoy the same nightmare I did last night.

To the more serious bit about running, it is now just on five weeks without a run, and in that time five sets of physio. The good news is the pain is improving, the bad is that it’s not improving anywhere near quickly enough. But I have exercises to do and they seem to help. I am giving myself a mental limit to the end of February to start back running in earnest.

My running limit is 2km per run (as advised by my Physio) I must not run again until the aching subsides – presently that’s been five or six days, most of the pain is centred around the IT band, and it’s being very stubborn in attempts to sort it out.

The exercise regime includes squats, lunges and a crab type thing with buttock squeezes – and when I am being pummelled by the Physio, I more or less have to adopt the Shrek position above.

If I don’t start running soon my buttocks will also resemble Shrek’s. That is my update – an update where nothing is happening. Although I have a feeling that if a naked Shrek does appear on Saturday night, I’ll soon find my running capability comes back very quickly.

More next week, when Mert, Victor and the unnamed lady physio, will be doing their very best to get me moving again.





2 thoughts on “15 Feb – Strike A Pose…

  • Oh Jan…you are such a trooper..I know how frustrating it must be for you…but patience is a virtue xx
    I hope you have continued to enjoy the piggy back runs, it keeps me going knowing that you are in need of a good run out.
    As for the Shrek guest, yikes….hope he doesn’t get too close to the bbq?!! We usually have family film night on Fridays and after the picture in my mind I think we’ll give the Shrek movie a miss this week!!!
    Hang in their Jan…and keep that thought of the end of Feb at the forefront of your mind until you’re told differently…keep up with those buttock squeezes and you’ll have buns of steel x


    • Thanks Bev – the not running is a bit frustrating and I suppose the very good news is that I am missing not doing it. Otherwise I think my mojo could be off to Yorkshire and I’d be on another mission, except finding my own. Dead impressed with your winter running though, it’s good to get out even if in my case it is a virtual one. Love JCR XXX


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