Joining Runder

Very appropriate advice in lockdown times

It’s been a year.

A whole year.

Since I’ve run. For the following reasons:-

  • Injury
  • Physio
  • Flu/Cold thing lasting two months
  • Flu/Cold necessitated visit to a hospital for air and antibiotics – it wasn’t flu
  • It was acute bronchitis, followed by;-
  • Paroxysmal Vertigo, which caused me to fall over at the physiotherapists – he promptly banned me from running as it was too dangerous.
  • Two sets of kidney infections.
  • Distinct lack of mojo.

And the worst thing, Alzheimer’s took my dad, giving me and my family one of the shittiest New Year’s Eves ever.

January saw his funeral, which was delayed because pops died between Christmas and New Year. A visit to Cornwall helped do some healing by the sea.

February saw me go to Liverpool to scatter some of dad’s ashes and visiting Anfield, which was one of the most emotional things I’ve ever done. He loved his team, and it was only fitting he made his final visit there.

March – a significant birthday coinciding with the first day of the UK’ s official COVID 19 lockdown – no birthday meal and no birthday trip to Tel Aviv either. And for me now, the first month of a new year.

Who knew that a COVID lockdown would start me running? I’ve joined the running app ‘Runder’ , where swiping right or left is not an option, you can choose your running coach and take it from there. All of which means I’m dating the gorgeous Mr Smooth again. Me and Michael Johnson are an item. And no there isn’t an app called Runder, it’s the Couch to 5K app.

My fitness issue is not one of having enough puff, it is whether my dodgy hips will stand the load and so far the physio is hurting way more than the running. Still hopefully the old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ stands up to scrutiny.

Being stuck in a small apartment in London, the fresh air beckons and it is much fresher now there’s little traffic. There’s joy in running down the middle of the tarmac roads in the City, with very few folk around. Social distancing works just fine.

I’ve started my playlists again, but I’m not fixating on distances or times. Let’s see if me and Mr Smooth stay the distance.


5 runs done

5 playlists played

5 lots of sports washing done

4 thoughts on “Joining Runder

  • OMG reading this has made me download C25K again, as like you, I haven’t run for about 7konths, but not due to illness/injury etc, just sheer laziness! I hope everything goes well for you, stay safe in those streets of London.x
    Carol (previously known as RunningRaspberryDiva)

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    • Oh Carol, hi there. The good thing about the lockdown is I realised I was really missing the running, whereas last year, there was just too much happening for me to even think about doing it again. I went out this morning and it was fab – my hips are dodgy though – I did do a lot of damage with my 2018kms challenge and because the physio was hard and painful, frankly I just gave up. The physio is no less hard nor painful, but if I don’t get out and do something I’ll resemble an elephant. Go for it and let me know how you get on…XX


  • So sorry for the loss of you lovely Dad Jan, nothing can take away the pain only time can do that and even then, it never goes away completely but it does ease as life adjusts…and running will help I just know it..and I know that you know it too…it’s so good to hear from you…I am so glad you have running back in your life xxx


    • Hi Bev – it’s been a long, long haul and I can’t listen to YNWA without falling apart. Which considering it’s one of the anthems to thank the NHS means I am dissolving into tears quite regularly. Still you’re right – I’m on the way back, but my I never saw a whole year disappear in a maelstrom of pain, illness and then grief. Anyway for whatever reason I lost my HealthUnlocked account and started over to find I’d had about 400 notifications. Still I peep in but can’t really contribute again until I’m a proper runner. Hope you’re well – saw your tribute to OldFloss – very well done and she deserves it. XX


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