Week 2- Don’t Lock Me Down

Quiet, empty blue skies in London

To be honest it was a toss up between using Chris Rea’s Road To Hell and ELO’s Don’t Bring Me Down (with some artistic licence from me) on the post title.

The sun was shining and it’s a beautiful day, hey hey, with Mr Blue Sky going around my head.  It was no contest, ELO won out on the title battle. I’ll keep Road to Hell for when the lockdown gets tougher.

But what about my battle to keep going on Couch 2 5K. Well Mr Smooth helped as always, his dulcet tones getting me out of the apartment and onto the mean streets of olde London Town.

My alternative lyrics for Don’t Lock Me Down,  these took me quite a while to work out whilst running in the City, as I kept on getting sidetracked by cyclists.

With thanks to Jeff Lynne

You got me runnin’ to keep my mind
You got me thinkin’ that I’m wastin’ my time
(Don’t lock me down, no no no no no)
I’ll tell you once more, the lockdown’s a bore
(Don’t lock me down)
You want us to stay away from friends
I’m tellin’ you it’s going to be the end
(Don’t lock me down, no no no no no)
I’ve told you before, there’s no wine anymore
(Don’t lock me down)
Don’t lock me down, Boris
Don’t lock me down, Boris
Don’t lock me down, Boris
Don’t lock me down
What happened to the PM we used to know?
You used to run all the way down the road
(Now you’re locked down, no no no no no)
I’ll tell you once more before I get out the door
(Don’t lock me down)
You’re always talkin’ how we’ve lost our rights
We must stay indoors all thru’ the nights
Don’t lock me down….and repeat
The thing is I think we’re due the full lockdown, there were people in the City but not many so it was easy for me to social distance and run, except for the arsey cyclists, who despite having empty roads, insist on cycling on the pavement.
I interrupted my run to stop for a cyclist who was on the pavement and then cycled sooooo slowly past me. He didn’t even say thanks or nod or acknowledge the gesture. and what’s more he made me mess-up my run, I started running although I was actually on a walking session, and I got totally mixed up on my intervals.
This cycling on the pavement drives me crazy – in London we have little public space and usually it’s chock full of folk. Now we have lots of space, no folk and still plonkers think it’s okay to cycle on the pavements, even though the roads are EMPTY.
In fairness, these were not lycra clad cyclists, it was the Boris bike bunch mainly. Twelve cyclists on the pavement in a 3.5km run in an empty City. Oh and yes three of them were cycling in a group within touching distance of each other.
I wish them a bad bout of cyclists arse. The thing is, they just don’t think that it’s them that may cause us to lose the right to exercise outdoors. We have a tiny balcony, about four paces long – if we are restricted to home all day every day, it’s going to be a really tough time.
Rant over – the run in the sun was lovely, and I’d forgotten the bliss of it.
That ’s Week Two, Run Three done and dusted.
So Mr Smooth, we’ve done two weeks dating, are you ready to up the commitment?
3.5kms of running ish
Razouski Playlist – loads of 80s gooduns
Pelvic Thrusting – I know it’s inappropriate to say so, but that’s what I was doing
Some back bridge thing with weights
Clam shells



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