Coping and Hoping Week 4 Run 2

Coping and hoping was the phrase the cashier used at my necessary shopping trip yesterday, when I asked him how was he doing.

I’m coping with the lockdown relatively easily, it’s a bit frustrating not being able to pop out whenever you want, but we have been able to eat restaurant meals at home c/o Casa Do Frango (upmarket Nandos for oldies like me who won’t go to Nandos) and Bistrotheque, both of which do lovely food and deliver. It’s our ‘once a weekend’ treat and it’s my job this weekend to sort out the restaurant meal, I have a feeling The Quality Chop House in Farringdon may be starring at Chez JCR this weekend.

Back to today’s run, despite coping with the lockdown I still keep on hoping that my running legs will improve and I can move onto loping, rather than this sloping, rolling gait I have.  The run gets off to a stuttering start as I receive an emergency call on my NHS Volunteer App, but although the lady wanted help she didn’t want me, she wanted her ‘usual’ helper and apologised for disturbing me. I’ve done my training, but I don’t think the patients have been trained up, so you have to feel your way in helping them. She was very polite and apologetic, but I hoped I could have helped her as she would have been my ‘first’ help.

One false start down, I start running afresh but my right hip is grumbling still; I don’t mope nor use dope, but keep on that downward slope towards finishing C25K. Today is the halfway point run, nope I didn’t see that coming either, and Mr Smooth was very supportive telling me he’d be with me all the way.  The intervals are okay and actually I did put on a spurt at one point to overtake a couple who were ambling very slowly, but it made me realise how much of my acceleration I’ve lost. The extra timber I’m carrying doesn’t help, still lighter days, lighter food may make for a lighter JCR.

A glorious day and three sets of interval runs, doing just that little bit more than Mr Smooth asked of me. I had some fish to buy, so continued loping to Upper Street and made a long circular walk home, coping, hoping, loping and shopping all done in one trip. Another emergency call from my NHS App, so I logged in again and decided that I wasn’t  going to be much help to someone in St Leonards on Sea! I think the app needs a bit of fine-tuning, just like my running, but we’ll get there. Hoping and coping applies as much to me as it does the NHS.

A quick detour via Fortune Park and I espied the borage flowers in the community herb and veg garden, which I think is probably not going to be managed at all over these isolation weeks, which is a shame for all the efforts put in so far.

Halfway through C25K, will it also be halfway through this Coronavirus nightmare? I hope to goodness we’re over the halfway mark, as I’m really looking forward to running back in Italy.


Most appropriate tracks:-

Every Day Hurts by Sad Cafe – I’m sad there are so few cafes open

I Ran (So Far Away) by Flock of Seagulls – actually I didn’t run that far, but I did do over 8km on today’s outing.

Deck of Ginger Ale


Walk/ran 8km (included false start)

Lots of ‘opes’

Shopping – crab, salmon, clams, John Dory and veggies


Pelvic Thrusting  a la Rocky Horror

Hip Flexor Routine




Constipated Crab Walking

Touching Toes – managed to reach the bit between the bottom of my leggings and my ankle, I’m not exactly killing this am I?






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